Security Updates

Just reading up on security updates...

My Sprint Samsung S6 Edge Plus (released Aug 2015) had last security update in Aug 2018. That's at 3 years.
Apple iPhone 6S (released Sep 2015) still supported for IOS13 (released Sep 2019). That is at 4 years.

If one cares about security updates, it seems pretty expensive (annualized cost of ownership).

Yes iphones last a long time. Security and os updates. Since ios is so light the chips age well too so a 5 year old phone runs fairly well.

I change phones often so it doesn't really matter to me but a lot of people I know hold on to their iphones for years and years or pass to others when they upgrade.

Android phones are still useable when upgrades stop though. Highly unlikely to be attacked on a personal level. But I'd probably avoid banking on an old phone.

I am leary of using phone banking apps but it is tempting due to the convenience.

I see TransUnion also has an app that will let you control your credit file (freeze/unfreeze) at will. Again, very tempting to use but it's so risky.

Is there a good sandbox app so that we can run the sensitive apps in its own environment?