Script of my chat with Red Pocket. Does it make sense to you?

There are so many places that did not make sense, like the Jan 14 date... the $20 plan, and 3 months... , so I am not sure if I can trust this... But anyway, here is the script...
"ME: Why my service expiration is not extended after a top-up?
CS M***: Hello. Thank you for your patience waiting. Please give me a minute to review your question
I'm sorry to know that but no worries, let me have that check.
ME: Thanks, take your time.
CS M***: E00000xxxxx is this the order number?
ME: I don't know, I had a 3rd party, Cellnuvo, top up twice around Dec 20th.
I expected that the expiration date would change to a later time in Jan or Feb, 2018. But it still says " plan expiration date: 2017-12-31", which is several days away. I am worried about losing phone service on New Year's day, literally.
CS M***: I can see that you made 3 months payments on Dec 30
this will be applied on your account
however you need to make a follow up on the expiration date Jan 14 so that we can manually apply it
until you finish 3 months
ME: wait a minute, you said " payments on Dec 30". Today is only Dec 28th.
CS M***: sorry my bad, Expiration Date : December 31, 2017
i said Dec 20
ME: Ok. Dec 20 makes sense.
what do you mean " to make a follow up on the expiration date Jan 14"? What should I exactly do?
CS M***: you need to contact us in Dec 31 so that we can apply another 1 month of service
ME: can you extend it now instead of later?
CS M***: system will not allow as of the moment because we have to wait for the expiration date
don't worry the payment you made will be applied on your account
ME: OK. I see. Does it work that way only on Sprint service?
CS M***: yes that is right
ME: Just want to make sure a different situation, if the phone service was with AT&T, I could pay service forward in advance?
CS M***: it's applicable to all types of account here in Red Pocket
ME: But I learned from other people, that payment in advance can extend their service up to 1 year, and it actually lists that way in their accounts. I mean, for AT&T service via Red Pocket.
While in my account, I do not see the service time extended, and you are instructing me to follow up and let you manually update my account on the current expiration date.

CS M***: it will not extend the service for one year because you only pay $20 monthly plan
annual plan is only purchased through Ebay and Amazon
ME: I understand that. People have been extending their expiration date of a monthly plan month by month by paying $10 a time. That's what I meant.
CS M***: i'm sorry. that is right
ME: Then going back to my original question, why can’t you do that with my account?
CS M***: the reason is we have to wait for the expiration date. i advised you to make a follow up on the expiration date just to verify but your payment shows on your account and we call it stacked refill which will usually automatic refresh on the expiration date
sometimes the system will not refresh it that's why i advised you to follow up on the expiration date for checking
ME: good to know that. I will monitor my account and see if want to make a follow up. Thank you for your help.
CS M***: you're most welcome."

... maybe it's a chat bot! ;p

That rep sounded pretty bad. It is worth trying other ones for a more coherent answer.

I am going through something similar with my line. I have two top ups “stacked” and my expiry date remains as today! I am assured that they will apply when the expiry date passes. It seems those who see extended dates with multiple top ups are special. Mine is a tmobile line.

Anyway I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow.

My line just renewed to 26 Jan with a new allotment of talk/text/data. 10 gold deducted.

This is another of those Red Pocket things that just doesn't make sense. Some people are told what TaylorMor has been told. Some people have a service end date extended on their dashboard. (My dashboard shows both a cycle renewal date, and a final expiration date-- in my case the same, since I've only made one refill.)

In any case, an 'invisible' payment that can't be seen via your dashboard is just wrong. Whether from CellNuvo or one's own pocket, it seems obvious that a customer wants/needs to see a record of a payment waiting to be used.

Yes I don't like it. Hard to keep track and you really have to keep on top of these payments to make sure they go through.

I did a second refill today and it shows in my dashboard
Account Status: Active
Plan expiration date: 2017-12-30
Last expiration date: 2018-03-02

I wonder why it is so different from person to person. I don't have the last expiration date line.

I have Red Pocket AT&T GSM......maybe people with Sprint CDMA can't or don't get that expiration date line.

Mine is on redpocket tmobile.

I think the sprint ones are mixed - some with it and some without.

Ceka's screenshots
show the extended expiration date on both VZW and AT&T.
My CDMA-S dashboard has the field there, although I haven't added a payment past the monthly cycle.

My "invisible" stacking payment is also applied to my account, immediately after the previous expiration date, 12/31/2017. Now I have a 1/30/2018 expiration date, and a new set of 500min/500txts/500mb data allotment.

My phone is on Sprint CDMA essential 500min/500txts/500mb data plan for several months, so there is no plan switching over, and also it has its original number.

TaylorMor, glad to hear your payment did apply!
I'm curious about something in your reports, though. You're on Essential (500/500/500).
You mentioned in the original post that you made a 20 Gold Transfer? Did you do this as a single 20 Gold transfer, or individual 10 Gold transfers?

I'm wondering if there's a risk that a 20 Gold transfer would switch your plan to the $20/month plan...... as the 10 Gold transfer switched most of us to the Essential $10/mo plan........ I like the idea of pre-paying a couple of months with one Gold transfer.

I did two 10 gold top-ups individually, the 1st one using my Red Pocket Account # and the 2nd one using my phone number about 24 hours apart. Gold were deducted from the Cellnuvo App and transactions also were recorded in the payment history. But nowhere I could find a trace of these in my Red Pocket account by me, so that's why I chatted it with RP.

Good thinking. I did not think about that, I may try this later. Currently, I am still testing this payment thing. What I am doing is to see if I can replicate this payment process in the past weekend. But this time the 1st top-up was requested on Saturday evening, so far nothing happened. Due to this, and also from the inconsistent top-up results from the reports on this board, I am thinking this top-up thing is still handled manually at Cellnuvo.

Thanks, TaylorMor! I think you're probably right about the manual processing. It seems complicated to completely automate it, with multiple vendors.
I think I'll stick to multiple 10 gold transfers at this point for Red Pocket. Essentials is 'more plan' than I need for now, and a $20 plan is definitely way more than I need!

Last top up took 2 weeks to go thru. Now I'm trying to stack another 10 gold plan past January 17th. 6 days and counting...

This does not give Hope.

I am trying to refill rp

Weekend, holiday they don't work? No reply since I made a new ticket. They prematurely closed the last ticket.

Seems like they were not working for the past couple of days. I imagine we will see some activity tomorrow hopefully.

Same happened to me