Satellite phones

Would you buy this if price for case drops below $200? Wondering if 911 would be included.

I took a look at the company's website and noted it has just opened a US office.

In digging a little deeper it seemed as if this is probably something you should steer clear of at any price unless you are interested in being a person of interest.:lol:

I am interested in becoming an interesting person but not a person of interest. I suppose one can't have it all.

One can--there are many permutations and combinations possible. Unfortunately, being able to have it all appears to be a matter not simply of one's own efforts but also the lack of effort of others.

Posting on forum sites is known to increase one odds of becoming a person of interest. Failing to do so also may increase such odds.

Well, having a sat phone does provide the best tracking, so you should be good with alibi. :slight_smile:

I would definitely buy one for $200.

This device would be great for people work or get off the beaten path, and it would probably save a lot of lives, the lives of people who find themselves in dire straights without cell phone reception. Does this make calls for free, is there a plan needed, or what?

For emergency use check out plb's, They are great for air crew, mariners and explorers .
Only thing to remember, is they need to 'see' a satellite to make contact. So if you are stuck at the bottom of a ravine, or in a cave , try anyway, but don't forget your other sos strategies and depend solely on one.

We do a lot of boondock camping, so this would be a nice thing to have.