Samsung Smart Switch App Bug

I bought a brand new Galaxy S10 two days ago and still have problem with Smart Switch app, which is the official recommendation for data migration. It was stuck at the transfer screen and never proceed. Tried to ask question on Samsung forum but got my thread deleted by mods.

Hope someone could help on this.

Try a soft phone reset. On Android it is turn on phone then push and hold power button till phone shuts off and restarts

Also you could try clearing the partition case. Google how to on your phone

One of those should help.

We use art switch on every new phone. Works no issues.

Also heard if it locks keep trying .

One of these solutions should work


"AnyTrans for Android" might be a solution.


Anytrans is a file transfer app and many items are not supported for transfer, such as contacts, text messages and notes

I haven't used the app, but the app on Google play specifically states one can transfer contacts with the app, and a user(s) said as much, too. Several users said they could not only transfer their contacts but everything from one phone to another. Perhaps they were the lucky ones and maybe the two phones one is using cause problems for some. One reviewer had a problem transferring notes until the developers informed him how to do it.

"AnyTrans makes it easy and fast to wirelessly transfer data & files across Android phones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, computer, or cloud drives. Whether you want to transfer photos, music, videos, apps, contacts, documents, even large files, it handles them like a breeze. No quality loss, no data loss, yet 100% ad-free!"
"Alesandro Kola
December 2, 2019
I have tried to transfer my contact from an old phone to the new iPhone. AnyTrans made an excellent app for transferring content from one phone to the next and in less time than it took to download the apps to both phones I was able to transfer phone contacts. So, thank you engineers for making a simple, high-quality app that gets the job done!

Samsung smart switch not working?What data or anything that you want to transfer with Smart Switch app?Text messages,contact,photos and music?And like the Smart Switch app,Anytrans can be used to transfer data, but not for me,so I refuse to recommend it.

Has anyone here tried "Transfer Wizard"?
It is from trac which instantly raises alarm bells for me.
Very mixed reviews.

For non Samsung phone I used clone it many times
It works just fine