Samsung points

Looks like time to stop by AT&T and T-Mobile.

What does 2000 points get you?

Looked it up. 200 equals $1. So 2000 equals $10

Where do you sign up for points account?

Need a Samsung phone and sign up an account on Samsung Pay.

Can you get much for $10?

Family member has Samsung and Samsung account but did not know about points

It's all overpriced Samsung products. I did buy 2 wireless chargers and a usb power brick when it went on sale (but not using them). Now I am just accumulating points to eventually buy again when I see something interesting.

This new "reward hunt" may be a scam. Tried 2 AT&T store and 2 T-Mo stores, nothing popped up. Posted my experience on spoofee and my comments do not show up.