Safe to buy cell service in advance?

How safe is it to buy cell service for 12+ months in advance?

The big 4 and a few other companies like Tracfone are pretty safe but smaller companies have gone bust in the past.

Has anybody been caught out by a small company failure?

Looking ahead, it seems that prices are going down making it harder to stay in business and also meaning that committing for several months might mean missing out on upcoming deals.

I think it is safe or at least the amounts involved are not too serious. Mint sim plan $180 or redpocket plan $99 etc. So it is worth the small risk.

Platinumtel/ptel was a big one that didn't make it. So even seemingly large and stable mvnos are not totally safe.

Hmm small company failure.... starts with ring....

LOL, thanks for chuckle!
Still have fond memories of them even though they are gone.

Same here. Hard to believe it's been over a year now since we made our last "Mad" calls.

Some held out a little longer using the Fluidcall option. I do miss R+ and the MAD plans.