Rush to Judgement

It appears that the wheels of justice will certainly be set in motion by this falling sculpture incident. The question of negligence in this case is not easily answered, and it seems that the cities rush to judgement in determining negligence may come back to haunt them. Billing the parents $132,000 for an unsold work that might never be purchased or, who knows, might only sell for $132, is peculiar. Allowing 5 year old kids access, even accompanied by parents, to inadequately secured objects that could fall on them is peculiar, given what we know about the cleverness of kids and their ability to get into things they shouldn't. In the video, the 5 year old culprit seems to have suffered a facial injury from the falling sculpture. Will have to see how it unfolds. So much for the beauty of art.

Such judgment rushers!


Maybe you can meet me there this weekend & we two can glue the thing back up for them?

I don't see why not-- I've got duct tape AND baling wire.

Bring little kids near art, this should go well.