ROKiT Mobile

Would we qualify as transitionals? I am between life and death.

... and, it's sold out. Was considering their plans, looks like just a way to get some free media attention.

Any company that plies people with liquor, then tries to sell them all manner of things after they have lost their jobs and are down and out, is, needless to say, suspicious. They had better have millions of phones for the untold millions of "transitionals"in existence. But it's a humane and democratic company, for they will help the downtrodden for just a little of their money.:dry:

"Rokit is a new line of affordable unlocked phones accompanied by a unique range of health and life services for what it calls "transitionals", which means people between jobs, people struggling socioeconomically, and anyone without adequate health insurance."

"ROKiT is definitely one of the strangest companies I've ever encountered. Their parent company, ROK Brands, is owned by two billionaires(Barnum & Baily){poster's comment} that seem to start new ventures on whims. One of the founders made most of his money selling PatrĂ³n tequila, and most of the company's holdings are still in beer and liquor."

Very cute & funny too:

Maybe a great deal for someone who won't mind a phone loaded with invasive apps ??

Seeing this brings a response of gratefulness for AAA as well as the absense of medicos in this life.
(Our phones were lower cost & minus added monthly fees for services that we do not need.)

Always grateful for the 'transitional' occurance of the death of RP and the rising up of the Nth Forum, as much of our cellular goodness has been found with the assistances from the good folks who happen to be former RP users.