Ringing in 2019

Ringing in 2019 with a Flushing Sound?

As the links below suggest, it's a tough choice whether to ring in the New Year at Times Square wearing diapers and having a good view of the ball dropping or to pay $375 to ring it in a nearby Applebee's ( with bathrooms ) and watch the ball drop on tv there, or possibly to go outside and have a not so good view of the ball dropping. Another far fetched option would be to pay $21,000 per couple to enjoy New Year's Eve at the Empire Steak House. In any case, the throngs of people who have diapers on while standing and waiting for 6-12 hours in order to have a nice view of the ball dropping, will ring in the New Year with a mad quest to find the nearest toilet, which is in NYC, as is well known, a formidable task.

In a word:
(Voluntary, temporary incontinence ?? I'll pass, thanks.)