Reward Levels

Reward Levels:

I am a big proponent of reward levels. Not all swipers are equal. Some swipe more than others and should be rewarded. Not punished as the existing rules are applied.

For example there should be more award levels for reaching certain plateaus.

300 gold :. 10% bonus on account

600 gold : 10% bonus on account. Plus half of all ads are 30 silver.

1000 gold :. 10% bonus on account. Plus all ads are 30 silver.

Rewards are needed to entice people to swipe more.

Good idea!

Email Tom.

Thanks for offering to email Tom. Very kind of you

Good idea. I think some recognition for higher earners is good for everyone. Encourages more swiping which is good for cellnuvo.

Reaching key milestones like 1000 lifetime gold should be given some recognition. That is 1,000,000 silver. The 10% bonus sounds good. Or they could let you redeem an extra $25 each month. Or let you buy two phones a year.