Residential real property

A friend needs to buy "residential real property" in Texas for a child custody battle she is facing, otherwise she might lose her daughter. Specifically she needs a "title to residential real property in Texas with the person having documentation of living at that property" and the "documentation can be in the form of bank statements". In other words, she can continue with her graduate studies in New Mexico and continue living in New Mexico as long as she buys some inexpensive "residential real property" in Texas and changes her address on her bank statement to that Texas address. What is the cheapest "residential real property" she can buy, given that she has very limited resources? Can she just buy a plot of land for $5,000 and claim she lived on her trailer? Can she buy a cheap and almost un-livable condo or apartment for $10,000 somewhere in that vast state and document she lived there with bank statements? Does "residential real property" include a trailer and if so can she buy an inexpensive trailer in Texas? Any other ideas to help this mom win her daughter's custody while keeping her job and graduate studies in New Mexico?

I do not know the answers to your questions but it certainly might be possible for that person to obtain free and accurate information from a legal forum such as the one below.

The advantage with a such a forum is that attorneys respond to questions in states where they are licensed.

I have used it myself and found it quite helpful.