Reproducing in D.C.

They're back-- Mr. president and The First Lady are back to their DC nest for the 4th consecutive year, where the first lady has recently laid two eggs. There is an abeyant thread on this forum that was started long ago by Oldbooks1 as a pleasant distraction from the R+ experience, which I suppose all have recovered from by now. Anyways, below is a link to the live DC Eagle cam for anyone interested

Easter eggs?

That could well be. Or maybe the Eagle's version of March Madness.

Someone on the DCEagle site Q&A asked about the minds of nesting eagles.

"Has there been any study about what bald eagles are thinking or doing while sitting on the nest/eggs? Logic dictates they are watching out for predators, surveying the landscape, etc. Also, as the egg gestates, can TFL and Mr.P feel or sense the developmental stages of the embryo? Lastly, do eaglets "talk" to their parents from within the egg much like chicks do with hens? Thank you so much! Always so exciting to be part of this miracle."

Logic also might dictate: I'm thinking
Every being that thinks exists
Therefore, I exist

Or: I wish this nest had Netflix.