Reminder: Infinite plan ending at the year end - switch now to a redpocket plan

Just a reminder that the infinite plan is to be discontinued at the end of the year. If you want to keep your redpocket line going then you will need to change to a different redpocket plan eg the cheapest is the $10 a month essential plan.

You should just be able to pay a min of 10 gold via the app using "pay my redpocket bill" and the change to the new plan happens automatically when the payment is processed. Assuming of course you do not have issues with the payment system.

Make sure you do it now if you have not already done, so you aren't out of service. If it isn't processed in 24 hours then submit a ticket.

NB Redpocket disconnect lines that are inactive after 30 days.

Thanks, Just put in my request for two phones through the app, will post in the other thread if I'm successful.

Infinite plan ending will be a big problem January 1st...

Thank you for the reminder. I "bought" the redpocket service with 10 gold on 12/26. Tried again after I lost my phone service on 12/31. I've contacted CN, and been told they were "on it."

Hoping this is not the beginning of another long lasting nightmare.

Interesting: I had decided to let my RP phone expire and not refill the account. The expiration date was 12/30/2017. Today I checked and the phone is still working and my RP account shows still active with 1/29/2018 expiration date. Maybe there is free cellphone service after all.

Interesting, Isamorph. This is an experiment best conducted by someone who doesn't need a working phone......
I see you also have that 50/50/0 allotment though-- the same as some other folks, and that doesn't match anybody's version of what P005Nuvo is supposed to have.

Perhaps not totally surprising, since we knew that some CellNuvo lines were coded to be non-expiring (or technically, renewing at $0 cost). According to the info we've been given, that shouldn't extend into 2018, but Red Pocket seems to have problems with one hand not being able to see the other hand.

Is it possible that the 50/50/0 allotment is a 'courtesy' grace allotment, and that the line didn't really renew, but is only in the grace period before it is suspended?

Yes, the grace allotment seems to be the logical explanation, but given the diversity of refill and payment events experienced by forum members, many things are possible. When I looked at the account info yesterday, I could have refilled the account for $5, which was also a bit odd since this plan was supposed to expire this year. Oh well, I'll just let things be and see what happens.

My supposed to be expired RP account, which looks to be on some sort of grace period, says that if I refill for $5, I'll get a 2 cents for talk/text/Mbp deal, which seems darn good to me. I only have 86 cents in my CN account, so I was thinking of paying with a CC to just give this plan a whirl.But it looks a bit scary. Am I reading this right: 250 min or 250 texts or 250 Mbps?

My one that I let die, which did die when expected, shows it too...

Cell Nuvo $.02 per min/mb & $.002/sms
Total Price : $5.19

(2500 texts FWIW)

This rate looks like the old CN rate... just like 20 silver for voice/data and 2 silver for sms...
However, remember we are supposed to see the CN plan go away and we have to choose a Red Pocket Plan ($10/mo min).
So RedPcoket probably trying to get $5 from you to extend the expiration a little longer.

I RP-chatted and she was like, WTF, you plan on buying this from us or CN? Anyway...

[My only refill option is] 5 bucks worth of "Cell Nuvo $.02 per min/mb & $.002/sms". My questions are...

  1. Will those min/mb/sms expire?-yes
  2. If so, when?-30 days
  3. How long do I have to decide if I should purchase this refill?-You have 30 days

My redpocket bill payment hasn't gone through after two attempts. I asked CN if contacting RP support would help at all. I heard back from CN, who said...

CellNUVO commented:

Not yet- the top up hasn't processed in our system just yet which is why it is still showing airtime expired. Please request the top up again since it was a few days ago and it should go through (can take 24 hours+ to process). Thank you so much.

Are they telling me to try the 5 Gold Top UP? I thought it wasn't going to be an option anymore.

Anyway, what Account no should I type in, when asked? CellNuvo account number that shows on the app or RedPocket account number? Or just my cell number?

Also, would I need to contact RP anyway to switch to the $10 monthly plan?

Thank you in advance for the help.

What?!? It's stuck in the system and should process, but start from step 1 and make another attempt anyway so when it doesn't go through, we can give you another excuse?!? If it's stuck, why not just push through the request?!?

Do all your balances show 0 right now? I vote that you try the 5 Gold Top UP, and update us in a couple days. You can be a guinea pig.

FWIW neither are likely to work -- CN is trying to stonewall you like they've been trying to stonewall almost everybody. But at least if it miraculously does work, then it's a better deal. Me, I never use data and almost never use voice but I like to text. $5: 2500 texts v $10: 500 texts.

Good luck!

I don't think CN is advising the 5 Gold Top Up-- we've been informed that the plan is going away. If it's a spare phone that you don't depend on, and you care to experiment, try it. (I would be tempted to try it if I hadn't already switched to Essentials, because mine is a spare phone.)

The latest advice is to use the RP phone # in the "Account Number" field in the app Store-- not the RP account #. Some have had success with RP account #, but I think more have had success using RP phone #.

You don't need to contact RP to switch to the $10 plan-- a 10 Gold topup should switch you to that plan. (It's been working pretty reliably that way-- early on, it did seem to be necessary to ask RP to switch you over, but that process was far from reliable.)

Best of luck!

My thought, too. It's frustrating.

Yes, all my balances show 0.

I'm like you, I mostly text. So, I liked the infinite plan better, too. I ended up trying the $10 purchase and then the $5 top up. CN might say I'm "abusing" the system, but I don't have much to lose at this point. Just want a reliable phone service.

Thank you for the advice.

Thank you very much for answering my questions.

I tried the $10 purchase with my phone number and then I also tried the $5 top up just to see what happens.

Hope I can update on my status soon.


Fulfill your new year's resolution to exercise your thumbs, & use up them there 2500 texts.