Redpocket annual plans discounts - Essential plan $88 - Other plan $52

500 mins/500 texts/500MB LTE a month for $88 (regular price $99)

100mins /100 texts /500mb LTE a month for $52. (regular price $60)

Any network. Sims included (apart from sprint)

Credit - slickdeals

NB not cellnuvo!

I do not know mint sim can this be gsm tmobile or att?

Wow, talk about cut throat competition!

mint sim is tmobile. Cheapest plan is $15 a month for unlimited talk and text 2gb lte and unlimited 128k data. You have to buy in bulk. So a year costs $180.

These plans on ebay are redpocket direct.

Was that unsolicited?

Are they trying to get you to leave CellNUVO?

I had signed up for a red pocket account so I could see what plan and minutes cell nuvo had me on. Now I'm getting emails from redpocket. Actually red pocket has some great plans. Hard to pay real cash for them with 265 gold in the bank though

If you have signed up on redpocket directly and looked at some sims or plans then they send you emails if you didn't buy anything. Not specific to cellnuvo customers.

Also on redpocket chat I gave email.