Reddit is So Weird

I'm relatively new to Reddit but I like to provide helpful answers to, mostly, technical problems. My comments are usually pretty detailed and generally answer the question being posed.

And they usually get about 3 or 4 karma upvotes.

Occasionally they'll get a downvote and I have absolutely no idea why. I just chalk it up to weirdness.

This morning I noticed that one of my comments got over 100 upvotes, since last night. I was sure that it must have been one of my helpful, insightful comments that got someone out of a big jam!


It was a comment that basically said, "Yeah, I agree. I hate that, too."

Reddit is so weird.

...but it's good karma! :slight_smile:

One must conclude, the less words in a post the more upvotes it receives, and the more words in a post the the less upvotes and more downvotes it receives. Or maybe if one "hates" something, many upvotes follow no matter what is hated, I hate to say.

Yeah, I agree. I hate that, too.

If you become a troll on there you can earn 10000 up votes

Being nice does not pay. Mean pays

Don't you hate that?

Yeah, I agree. I hate that, too.