Red Pocket sim from ebay - how long can it be left unactivated?

Thinking of getting RedPocket's one-year plan from their ebay store. Does anyone know if there is a deadline to activate the sim? (Like IIRC mintsim's 45-day deadline?) I am thinking of buying the RedPocket sim just so that I have a backup in case something weird happens to my current phones/plans, and I need something in a hurry.

And related question - how is their activation process? Is it painful? Will I be able to activate the sim quickly, or is there a wait involved?

Thanks for any info and insights!

There is a one-year deadline to activate the RedPocket SIM. I helped a friend to activate a line on T-Mobile. It took 3 days since I ported a phone number from FreedomPop.

As soon as you involve a port from FreedomPop, I think you can count on a longer-than-normal activation time.

Nice to know the SIMs can be held in waiting !

I always explain that is slow to release number, then CS would send me to the porting dept who calls over to Bandwidth... and port is completed within 30 minutes...

Thanks Zubrin! Would you guys know how long it takes to activate on RedPocket when no porting is involved? My plan is to order their sim right now and keep it on hand, then activate it when needed. Wouldn't want activation to be a long/painful process.

It should be within minutes to activate a line on Red Pocket if no porting is involved. Red Pocket did a pretty good job to port a line from Freedompop within 3 days. Freedompop and GoogleVoice are considered landline in the system, and 3 days to finish porting is relatively fast. Freedompop had a great selection of phone numbers that I can choose from, and I have started porting them out to other carriers when it became difficult to port from Freedompop recently.