Recommendation for two lines of service

I need a recommendation for two lines of service at the lowest cost. I want it to be set and forget; no need to look at or change the plan or sim card once the service is established. Any of the four major carriers' network is equally acceptable. The two lines could use different providers, if that would reduce costs.

The first line is for a flip phone. It requires unlimited voice and nothing else.

The second line is for a Moto G6 smartphone that supports all major carriers. It requires unlimited voice and text as well as at least 500 MB data/month.

The primary consideration, after the above requirements are met, is to find the lowest cost provider.


Unreal Mobile. Sprint network. Unlimited talk, text, and data, with 1GB of high speed and unlimited very low speed. $10/mo. including taxes.

You might want to check out all of your available options by using the interactive tool on this website:

You can set parameters as to which carriers and what amounts of talk/text/data you require (if you want unlimited, enter "1001" in that field and it goes to unlimited automatically). Once you enter your information it updates your options, beginning with the least expensive plans.

Good luck to you!

Chelle's Unreal Mobile suggestion might be especially a good choice for the flip phone. It can be problematic to set up a flip phone on a lot of carriers because of the move to LTE. It might be a good idea to think backwards about activating a flip, and figure out which flip you have, or can get-- and what carrier is dictated by the phone.

Verizon won't activate a phone that isn't VoLTE capable on MVNOs after the end of 2018 (once activated, grandfathered for use through 2019.) Not many flip phones are VoLTE capable, but you could activate a 3G flip phone through the end of the year.

AT&T requires 3G to activate a phone (no more 2G network), and I've seen a reference (although I haven't confirmed) that they may not allow activation of non-LTE phones next year. There is this AT&T Prepaid flip that could be used on AT&T MVNOs.
(If new activation of a non-LTE phone isn't allowed, I wonder if it will be possible to activate an LTE phone, and move that SIM into a 3G phone?)

T-Mobile, as far as I know, still allows 2G or 3G phones, but they're going to be phasing that out in different locations. (No 3G support in many areas already,)

Sprint keeps trucking along by allowing nearly any older flip- or feature-phone to be activated, although older single-band phones likely won't work anymore (The networks exist, but the phone may not be capable of a profile update to access them.). If you need a Sprint-network flip phone, there are plenty on the used market.

Thank you Chelle, Diedrich and Kent. Keep the ideas coming, though Unreal definitely seems like a winner. I believe Unreal uses real cellular voice unlike their sister service FreedomPop; correct?

Kent and anyone else familiar, what Sprint flip phones are most economically available (even used)?

The Sprint Dura phones get very high marks for everything except weight and bulk. They're built like tanks.
I wish RingPlus Social was still accessible, as there was a really good discussion about Sprint flip phones there. I bought a couple of used ones for a friend's parents a couple of years ago, about $27 each via a good ebay seller.
I think the Sanyo Katana (used) was mentioned as being another good choice, less bulky and lighter. I don't remember whether is was affected by the single-band issue, though.

Unreal is real cellular voice on their Sprint-network BYOP plans, but VoIP on the AT&T SIM plans.

In addition to what KentE has said, here's a link to some inexpensive Sprint flip phones that I'm fond of, and have been using two of for a few years, which I purchased used.

I am not sure what if any device restrictions Unreal has for BYOP (CDMA/Sprint).

For the flip phone unlimited voice, you will pay more for Tello, but there will no headaches if you have to swap device, contact support, etc.

@st3fx: good point about Tello. I have had a person set up on Tello with a flip/actually Kyocera bar phone on the $11(+ tax) unlimited talk and text(no data) plan for some time with no problems, and if need be it's easy to swap phones, etc.

I'd choose tello over unreal but yes you pay slightly more

Another advantage of Unreal, as far as pricing, is that it includes 1 GB of LTE data and unlimited 2G data in the $10 plan. Tello's 1 GB equivalent plan would cost $14 but wouldn't include the unlimited 2G.

Tello includes 2g.

Thanks for the correction. Does both Tello and Unreal's unlimited 2G run at a speed of 64kb?

Other advantages of the Unreal $10 plan is the unused data rolls over to the next month where it is added to the next month's 1 GB. Also, there is no tax on the $10 Unreal plan. If one just wants T&T without data, then, Tello, as mentioned, might be the better alternative.

Good point.
I tried running a pair of seriously old 2g feature phones on both Unreal & Tello.
Unreal's test tells me that it can't determine, and asks me to contact customer service.
(I tried both MEID Hex, and MEID DEC-- one is old enough that the hex had to be determined by an online converter.....)

The same 2 phones clear just fine on Tello. At an additional cost of $1/mo, with the much better self-service and agent service available from Tello, it seems like a great option. (I believe phone swapping in particular is a pain on Unreal.) Tello's current promo (through 12/23) is first month for $5.

Here is one conversation from social. I'm sure there were more.

Thanks, 112059! The one I was trying to remember is mentioned in that archived thread-- the Sanyo Pro 700A.
I remember someone bought several of the recommended flip phones & did a comparison review. The DuraXT would have come out on top in that review, but for it's size and weight. (Worth it if you need it's mil-spec ruggedness. water resistance, and loud speaker,, though.) I think the Pro 700A might have been the one the reviewer liked.
The linked thread also mentions a couple of GSM models, although one should do enough research to confirm 3G capability now if considering AT&T use.

Another GSM provider option for the flip phone user would be FreeUp Mobile. Their $10 plan includes unlimited talk/text. The cost could be defrayed if someone wants to take charge of printing coupons via a smartphone or desktop, and get the cost down to $3/month, but I think joseph may be indicating he doesn't want to have further interaction. (Based on printing 1 coupon a day, which is all most of us have been able to get working.)
I have no GSM dumb phones to test on their BYOD test page.

Interesting. It was 1000 mins a week or so ago.

I ended up choosing Tello's $11 unlimited T&T plan for one line. For the second line I chose Unreal's unlimited T&T + 1 GB LTE & unlimited data for $10.

Since the first phone's a flip phone and needs no data, I preferred Tello's responsive service and automated account functionality at a very slightly higher cost than Unreal. For the second line I needed some data and Tello's equivalent plan would be $14 + (about $3) tax versus $10 even, so I chose Unreal's lower priced plan.

Thanks again everyone for contributing suggestions.