Raspberry Pi 4 is here

This new more powerful Pi is a big improvement from past Pis, and for $55 can serve one well as a desktop pc. Similar to past versions of the Pi, not far down the road one will have a choice of several Linux distros that one can install and run on the tiny beast as the distro's developers customize for the Pi 4. As with past new Pi releases, the Pi 4 is selling like hotcakes.

What is a pi?

It's a small pc about the size of a deck of playing cards that has been around and in the news for about 10 years. There's a picture of the Pi pc above.

"The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charity founded in 2009 to promote the study of basic computer science in schools, and is responsible for developing a single-board computer called the Raspberry Pi, the UK's best-selling PC of all time."

Thanks for passing this news along - I would have probably missed it.

I thought a Pi is:

  • 3.14

  • The idiot who chairs the FCC

  • Something you eat

I thought it might have been something to do with the circumference, radius, and diameter of raspberries.

Here's the previous version, v 3.

I think we're all waiting for Chelle's version to come out.

I thought the same but then thought it couldn't be something so simple and obvious.