Rank order of food and restaurants

General Tsao
Colonel Sanders
Private First Class Chang

haha, any others?

All three are rank.:dry: Although there is an amusing and informative documentary on General Tso.

So I'm slow.:S :blink:

I was mesmerized by the sight of food.:dry: :side:

I am honestly not the size of a whale.

Sorry, for interfering with your game.
I will remove my posts.
Food clouds my thinking.lol

Perhaps Captain D. I haven't looked to see how the ranking compares across different branches.

Hot and sour soup video. Yum!

This is a wonderful recipe.
I must agree I like the soup very sour, hot and spicy.
But I don't think bamboo shoots smell funky. lol

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Bamboo shoots have become crazy expensive.

Bamboo shoots