Questions re: Cellnuvo Phone Purchase Option? Post Them Here

For those who haven't heard, Cellnuvo recently updated its app and included the ability to purchase cellphones. This new development has been discussed in several existing threads and there are lots of questions.

The purpose of this thread is to provide a centralized location for any/all questions you may have about this new development. I will contact Cellnuvo and provide a link to this thread for their perusal. Perhaps someone from Cellnuvo will make an appearance and address the collected questions. I'm sure Cellnuvo has been receiving endless emails about this. This may cut the amount of time employees spend responding to repetitive inquiries.

I posted these questions in another thread. They remain unanswered, so I'll repost them here to get the ball rolling.

Is that what you were referring to in the post below?:

Couple of questions, if you don't mind:

  1. Did Cellnuvo quote the price of the device you bought or were you able to
  2. Was the purchase made by monthly gold redemptions or a single redemption?
  3. Did the purchase have any bearing on your $50/mo. redemption limit?
  4. Which iphone model were you able to buy? Was it unlocked?
  5. After payment, how long did it take for you to receive it?
  6. Did the device come with any warranty protection?

It isn't a competition. There is a perfectly good thread here already.

As for your questions they are irrelevant to the new phone purchase program and rules and would just confuse matters.

Sounds like JTs tactics.

Do phones purchased directly from Cellnuvo come with any warranty?
Is there a return policy?
How are taxes assessed on the purchase price?
Are Sprint only devices purchased directly from Cellnuvo able to be unlocked?
How are receipts of purchase handled? Do they come from Cellnuvo or the chosen retailer?
Are there any shipping charges?
How long after full payment can one reasonably expect to receive the purchased device?

What screen has a list of CN phones for sale?


What phones are you going to get with your cellnuvo gold?

Since we have similar tastes. I can get ideas from you.

So what phone link will you send cellnuvo support about?

I am politely asking, with the utmost sincerity, that you guys stop it. Please?

Q. How are limited time sale prices handled?

I am also asking with sincerity.

It is a simple question to answer

@JoJack, Just use some of your gold to buy a phone and let everyone know how things work out. Then we can all learn from your experience. Also post in successful bill payments if you are able to make monthly payments. Edit: I guess JT won't be around to try.

Don't mind me but were the questions answered in the other thread? If the situation is so unique that answering questions would be a waste of time, then why was the delivery of the phone mentioned in the first place?

It's like, there's not much difference between unique and ridiculously silly. "I had a layover at O'Hare and found an iPhone in the bathroom stall. I asked a lazy security guard where Lost & Found was and he gave me this vibe like his shift was ending in two minutes. Then I heard the call to board so I did, got an exit row seat woohoo. Now that I'm home it occurs to me that CellNUVO is Chicago-based. I emailed them, they said all theirs are accounted for, just keep it for all they care. YMMV"

[quasi post preservation service LOL]

mmfacemm and/or UltimateGladiator banned me from exactly one minute after I posted the above funny and reasonable message (which is obviously not part of reddit, not that it matters cuz everything i post is reasonable).

P.S. HungryGhost, as you probably know reddit thinks of itself as the "front page of the internet" and as such not only encourages but is totally built around "cross-pollination". Most other forums like yours are not, so please delete this post when appropriate but people need to know about these "fine" people and/or tyrants, whichever the case may be LOL. Thank you!

And for what it's worth, how cool would it be if this forum (which is awesome!) had a poll functionality for thread-starters? Let's leave reddit completely outta this post when I ask a question.

If a forum organically grows and thrives with a prominent viewpoint that's great, that's the internet moving positively towards its profound impact. Remember when we had to fix something around the house? Before the internet you'd have to find somebody around your orbit: the water cooler or bus stop or dog park; who previously had the same problem and solved it. WITH the internet your orbit is the whole world.

The problem is when the prominent viewpoint is forced instead of organic. We all know this.

But even on a forum where the prominent viewpoint is forced (dissenters are banned), if you took a poll you'd find that most of the members would say that is counter-productive. You don't help the Coke brand by banning everybody who drinks Pepsi from time to time. We all know this, too.

I love the most enthusiastic members of this forum. But do their actions help or hurt CellNUVO?

Do their actions help or hurt CellNUVO?

I've been on vacation for the last 3-1/2 weeks (best season in the Alps in decades), but here's a look at an instant before I was tyrannically banned from the subreddit, not for anything I posted there but precisely for my nthcircle post above...

Over half of what you see isn't there any more.

"We'd appreciate it if users came up with more of the content so the mods can take a step back. Please do post questions and help others whenever possible. Please do update other users with news and other happenings at cellnuvo - good or bad."

Why lie? Every single thread in the screenshot is still there.

You were banned for your constant trolling and personal attacks on reddit. The last one I saw yesterday called me a liar and a serial post deleter as well as some other insinuations about the other mod. That was indicated on the ban and breaks at least two of the subreddit rules.

I am tired of your personal attacks against me here too but I go through the proper channels here for that. Everyone is tired of the pointless bickeringand personal attacks. If your experience of cellnuvo was so bad have your say and move on.

Well, one of us is wrong, it'd be great if it were me cuz all of my posts definitely should remain -- they were reasonable, interesting, and satisfied the mods' request in quotemarks two posts up.

I certainly still see the posts cuz I'm the one who wrote them, but others PM'd me about my posts having been there and later disappearing. These are strangers who for all I know have an agenda, so next I PM'd friends in real life. They told me the same thing, got it?

If someone had a history of impulsively overreacting on say nthcircle and howardforums, letting their blood boil to such an insane extent that they post rants that they know they need to edit later when they calm down, they become notorious. And maybe even a little tyrannical if they have the keys to the police cruiser. Directly and to the point...


P.S. The other stuff you wrote is unsupported nonsense, but I don't mind. Nonsense doesn't make the target look bad, it makes the writer look silly.

I don't think any purpose is served by extending a disagreement from another forum into this one. It seems the forum rules here prohibiting flame wars & fights might apply.

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I didn't follow the thread referenced, either before, during, or after the deletion, so I have no comment there.

Thanks, Kent, we're in complete agreement as my postscript from yesterday makes crystal clear. I appreciate your support!

If you are mad or just hate mmfacemm. Take it up with him in a private message.

He seems to be a very reasonable person. I am sure he would hear you out in a pm.

Bringing it to this public forum for all of us to read is wrong. Plus we do not care about this subject.

Take it up with mmfacemm direct.