Question for those who have sold stuff on ebay

If someone wants to sell only occasionally on ebay, it seems a bit excessive (at least to me) to have to fork out your bank details and social security number to make a few bucks. I like to do everything the "prepaid phone way", where your identity really doesn't matter! So question for folks here who have sold stuff on ebay -- is it possible to sell on ebay (a) without giving them your SSN, and (b) without linking your bank account?

(Google seems to suggest that the answer is no. But then I was idly wondering how all these sellers from China are able to sell on ebay without a US social).

I don't think you need either. You'll need a paypal account but can link a prepaid card to that.

eBay doesn't require a SS# to sell items.

That sounds encouraging, but do they have an intrusive "identity verification" system?

From what I seem to remember reading on Google, ebay needs you to have PayPal, and PayPal now needs a linked bank account. PayPal apparently won't let you have just a prepaid card on your account. ETA - the reason being they want to be able to charge you their PayPal and ebay seller fees.

Back in the day, I sold on ebay and accepted money orders only. Can you still do that?