Question about Visible's Party Pay

I'm curious about Visible's Party Pay - what happens if you form a Party of 4 and then one (or two) from your Party stop their Visible service - does Visible inform you that your monthly bill has now increased?

And then do you once again go looking for people to join your Party?

Or do you just get charged a higher price, and THEN find out that someone from your Party has left?

Seems like a turbulent situation!

(Reminds me of FreedomPop Friends - all the "backup" friends just in case some of them left FreedomPop. Backups don't seem feasible with Visible, however)

Yes you get an email

Yes I would look to fill the group to get the max discount.

As long as you fill your group more than 48hrs from your bill date you'll get the max discount.

Not really turbulent. Most people would want to stay long term to get the great price. Parties get filled quick on reddit so chances are you'll never have a free slot long.

So far the party I joined using our forum has been solid. I suppose if you get people with commitment issues or those in for the gift card only, there is a risk for increase. I suppose, I have been lucky. Best of luck!

I want to join the partypay or I have two spots left at this party pay

Let me know
Thank you,

asperin5555: good luck with your party! Open slots seem to fill up very fast here.
But... all party pay requests in this forum belong in the following thread:

There may be some open slots in other parties there, as well, if you prefer to go that way.
Can you post there, and delete your post in this thread?