Question about battery charging

I’m hoping the knowledgeable folks here know the answer to this question – does it take different amounts of time for different chargers to charge a battery?

For example, suppose I have a phone with a 4000mAh battery. Will the charger that came with a 2000mAh phone take twice as long to charge the phone?
And, will the 2000mAh phone get charged in half the time if I use the 4000mAh charger?

I ask because I have (too many) phones with different size batteries that came with their own chargers – and I tend to just pick up an arbitrary charger to charge any phone. I’ve been wondering if this affects the time it takes for the phone to be charged. Also wonder if doing this is harmful in some way?

Thanks for any enlightenment!

There are others here who have better knowledge of this subject.
I can share with what I know.
A phone will take no more watts then it can handle and no more

Chargers come it watt sizes. Ie 5w. 10w, 15w, 30w

I noticed a galaxy 10 charger is faster for moto e4 then the charger that came with it.

Moto charger is 10w

Galaxy s10 charger is 15w

It is a bit more complicated than just the rating because of different fast charging standards making chargers and cables not all interchangeable/universal for fastest charging. If you have the time an old low power charger probably would allow the most life from a battery, I still have an OG moto g on its original battery, gets used daily but has never seen more than 5v/5w.
You may find this interesting (or TMI)

Please tell me if these suggestions on battery charging seem to make sense -- I read them in an article I found on Howardforums, which said that for the best battery life, you should charge your phone when it is at 30% and stop charging when the battery is 80%. Does that work well in your experience?

That will give you the best battery life. I don't remember the exact numbers but, if a phone uses up 1 charging cycle of its life by charging to 100%, it only uses up something like 0.2 cycles if you only charge it to 80%.

Also, slower charging is generally better for your battery. So if you only use the fast charging cable that came with your phone when you actually need it charged fast, then that would be preferred.

I don't think it matters which charger you use, except that you may get a slower charge if the charger (and possibly the cable) do not match your phone. This article explains it well: