Quest for Science on Earth Day

On a day in which we have seen yet another unfortunate incident involving humans being humans while boarding magnificent flying machines, let us not forget the scientists and engineers whose knowledge and and logic took the elements of our earth and created these transportation devices for our benefit and enjoyment.

My favorite sign from today's marches.

To coincide with yesterday's marches the Washington Post had a piece about a recent "scientific" discovery that purports to explain why cats like to hide in boxes.

Maybe there is a need to discuss where "science" begins and ends and other "disciplines" take control.: unsure:

***The author of this questionable "science" should listen to some real scientists talking about cats and boxes. Schrödinger's Cat - Sixty Symbols - YouTube :slight_smile:

Orhan Pamuk has little to do with the physical sciences and perhaps also little to do with cats but if you want a wonderful tale set in Istanbul and told by a master storyteller, then A Strangeness in My Mind is a rare gem.

On the other hand, if one takes a broad view of the concept of "science" and includes the many disciplines (economics?) that like to embrace that word to describe their field of study then Pamuk is indeed a first rate scientist.

Forgot to thank you for mentioning Orhan Pamuk, who I vaguely remember reading about when he won the Nobel prize. And if one does take a broad view of science ( which in most case begins and ends with precise observation ), then some of the most precise observers that have ever lived have been writers, with Mr. Pamuk being a case in point.

What a wonderful life: