Quality>Quantity=more happiness

Throughout history, mankind's most esteemed thinkers have endeavored to define the notion of happiness, and Facebook has now concluded from it's enormity of data derived from it's users that "meaningful" online interactions make people feel better about themselves, which one assumes makes people happier.

"Late on Thursday, Facebook announced a plan to emphasize more “meaningful” interactions on the platform. Posts are considered meaningful when they generate lots of comments, likes, and shares. Facebook’s researchers have found that when people are actively commenting on posts, they tend to feel better about using social networks — and feel better about themselves in general."

Quantity AND Quality
We had a great time cruising aboard a 30" sailboat for almost 20 years. We had Quality equipment and tools and Quantities of outstanding experiences.
Yes Virginia , you can have both. Quantity does not necessarily have to be only 'Things'

Reminds me of our "Kenmore" high quality coffee maker that has made for large quantities of coffee experiences over the years, yet not quite up there with sailing the ocean blue.

Just my 2 cents here...
Applying the concept of “meaningful” to baloney done via (anti-)social media is as absurd as a Monty Python skit or some 3 Stooges comedy - cute - but also not reality.

In the realms of all the concepts mentioned above I submit this for your consideration:

I seriously doubt that any of those he refers to ever mentioned treasured memories made by sitting at a screen hitting the 'like' buttons at the fecesbook site day in & day out...and those whom I've known (too many) who spent their days that way or isolated whilst playing online games 22 hours at a stretch were always incredibly miserable - poor things.

Meaningful: the fellow in the video stimulated memories of when, 40+ years ago, my Mother was bedridden and soon to die from cancer. During this time a few of her friends and coworkers would visit her when I happened to be there with her. These friends, understandably, were a little uncomfortable with her predicament and were very kind to pay a last visit to her, but one of her friends who was a police detective, after having been a RN prior to that, said to me "let's give her a bath, she'll love that". So she and I carried my Mother from the bed to the bathtub and gave her a bath, for which my Mother was very thankful. I'll never forget that kindness from my Mother's friend.

Meaningful = Fulfiillment
Fullfillment= Happiness

Isamorph said, "Reminds me of our "Kenmore" high quality coffee maker that has made for large quantities of coffee experiences over the years, yet not quite up there with sailing the ocean blue."
Our coffee sock hanging over our sink made years worth of wonderful coffee, except on those memorable occasions when bleary eyed, after a long watch, someone made the coffee from the seawater tap!

Well, you seafarers are a hardy lot, and can handle adversity, which might have been the case when combining the diuretic properties of both coffee and saltwater in one beverage. Good way to cleanse the system, though. Who knows, there are now many food stuffs being sold that tout that is was made with sea salt, so, since people will often buy anything with sea salt, maybe coffee made with sea salt would appeal to artisanal crowd.$$ Oops--- someone already sells the stuff.:ohmy: Yuck.

Seawater coffee ain't quality. No way no how!
I bet seawater coffee played an unmentioned part in many historic mutinies on the high seas.
Slick seawater coffee advertising creators deserve keelhauling .
Now sunset watching on a steady beam reach with dolphins riding the bow.....That's quality.