Qlink Mobile (not Qlink Wireless)

Does anyone have any experience with QLink Mobile? Appears they have a safelink program run via QLink Wireless. QLink Mobile appears to be a sprint MVNO based on my quick review.

Plans (all appear to come with unlimited text)
$1/day plan for unlimited talk
$5 / mo for either 500 MB or 500 min
$5 / mo for 250 MB and 250 min
$10 1,000 min
$10 500 MB & 500 min
$10 1GB

There are some additional plans that currently have special pricing for 3 months:
$10 (normally 17.50) for 1GB and unl t/t
$15 (normally 22.50) for 2GB ""
additional plans with higher data, including unlimited data for $25 (normally $40)

Nice find, ajzwilli!
I was aware of Q-Link Wireless (the safelink option), but not the general access branch.
For low-end users, the $5/mo 250mb/250min/unlimited text plan looks very good.
For glovebox emergency phones, the $1/day for unlimited talk/text looks like a winner, too. (Almost a no-brainer for someone with an eligible phone sitting around, and wanting a backup.)
They have an impressive arrange of options, and it looks like international text is included.

It says taxes are included, and no activation fees. Data is hard-capped. (I see a mention of available top-ups, but can't see the rates, which may be specific to each plan.) If you have a universal unlocked phone, they'll send a SIM card for no charge. (Even for my ex-Boost Mobile phone, they say they'll include a SIM card, although I don't need one-- I don't see a way to tell them I already have it.)

$1/day = $30/month. That's quite pricy. How's that a good glovebox choice?

It can be a good glovebox choice because most glovebox phones aren't used at all on a regular basis, but may need significant use on the day you forgot your phone and the car broke down.
Tello: 60 minutes on that day= $1.80, plus a very small carrying charge waiting on that day to happen.
Q-Link charge on that day, for unlimited talk/text: $1

Thank you. I take it then that QLink only charges you for days that had usage. I didn't get that point earlier.

Can the $1/day plan be active indefinitely without usage and then only be used on infrequent days it is needed? If so, will the phone number and service continue indefinitely even without any usage for an extended period of time?

This is my interpretation of the plan as well. I could not locate any language on the website indicating the charge only applies on days when the phone is used.

Good question, joseph. Looking at the small FAQ, I don't see an answer about how long the line will remain open without any use, or indeed any info specific to the $1/day plan.
https://qlinkmobile.com/contact includes email (support@qlinkmobile.com), phone, and facebook options.

I had assumed the plan only charged on days actually used, since even the $17.50/mo ($10 on special) plan includes unlimited talk/text, and the $1/day plan is listed on the low end of the plan scale.
I could be wrong. As an example of not making economical sense, there's also a $25 plan that includes unlimited talk/text monthly, with no data. Why does that plan exist with the $17.50 plan above?

I believe ATT had a $1 a day charged only on days you use it type of plan. It might have disappeared when they start pushing smart phone plans that go for $45 a day.

$2 daily, charged only on days used

"Incoming text messages do not trigger the $2 daily fee. Incoming calls that end up in AT&T voicemail don’t even trigger the $2/daily fee. Only sent text messages, outbound calls or answered calls trigger the $2/daily fee."

@PEW, I'm assuming that you meant $45 a month; otherwise that's one heckuva rate hike! :slight_smile: