QAnon is a serious cancer - these stories are unbelievable and sad

The following is just a sampling. There are literally endless stories to read.

Worried about my dad..
TW: doxxing, sexual abuse, pedophilia

I live a little far away from my family due to nonpolitical issues we had and needing to separate myself. While my dad and I weren’t always on the same page we often joked about being the only sane people in the house. It’s been three years since I left and although before I moved out he was an “independent” but definitely leaned more to the right. He supported trump but never really said much about politics except for the old “but her emails.” He doesn’t have social media but I have no idea what he’s been looking at online. My dad has become hateful and racist. He’s spewed off a couple conspiracies to me and when I asked his sources he said “I have five” and refuses to tell anyone what they are. There’s no way it’s not Q shit.

(There is more on this story on reddit but it gets very sad and disturbing so I didn't post it in full here):

my mom fell for qanon
i’m a college student living with my mom because of covid. my siblings (13 and 15) are living here too. none of us believe it except her. the 13 yr old started to believe it at first but we convinced her it was bullshit. it hasn’t really negatively affected us too much, except for inconveniences like her deleting the Netflix because they support pedophilia. it’s super annoying though, she won’t talk about anything else. i can’t casually discuss politics, or anything even a tiny bit related, without her going off on a rant about the deep state and how evil the left is. my mom is a really gentle, fragile, scared person who was into the magical, signs and wonders side of christianity before this. when her and my dad got divorced after 18 years it really messed her up, and i feel like she needed something to stand for. how do i convince her that this stuff isn’t true? i think i could, i just don’t know how to start.

30 years down the drain !
My husband fell for it,our home life became a living nightmare. It was subtle at first,conspiracies about ancient aliens, then came JFK,911,pizza gate,big pharma,you name it ,he fell for it! He lost his very good paying job because of drug abuse, and he decided to take an early retirement . He was angry all the time, because the kids and I didn’t see the truth, we would all receive texts about it, videos from the all mighty YouTube! As soon as I would wake up, he would start talking about the cabal, the hidden truth, I know more about it than I wish to. He has cancer and refuses treatment, because he can cure himself without medication because the meds are a conspiracy from big pharma,they want money. He already spent months in ICU because of his failing health, but still refuse to listen to medical professionals! Guess what? It’s not going well. He doesn’t wear a mask, because it’s against his freedom.

I had him removed from our home by the police for physical abuse. He still thinks that he didn’t do anything wrong, his hands around my neck, being shoved against the wall was entirely my fault because I didn’t see the truth about whatever was on his mind that day ! He is a fervent supporter of Trump, which is so far from my liberal views! I am an immigrant in the US by the way, but I am white, so not like the other immigrants who steal American jobs and are rapist / drug dealers. English is not my first language, but that’s ok per him because I work and not mooch of the government . He lives thousand of miles from us. I don’t know where we went wrong, what led to this,the past 10 years or so have been rough, but this last 3 years have been a true nightmare. I am heartbroken and relieved at the same time, if that makes sense. But damn I miss the man I married so long ago,not the angry lunatic that replaced him. Sorry for the long post.

My mother in the UK has become obsessed with Q and its ruining our relationship
Over the past few months, my mother who is a Christian has become increasingly obsessed with the conspiracy that the global elite are controlling us and are preying, killing and trafficking children for adrenochrome. She believes that trump is an amazing man and is secrectly taking them down and is ready to expose them all. She believes the repercussions will affect even us in england and all countries of the world. She believes that if the cabal is taken down we will get free electricity, no taxes etc.

Basically every aspect I've seen online, she's roped into this grand conspiracy...child trafficking, bill gates microchips, covid being a means of control and how the deep state is trying to stop trump. Using the exact same quotes I've seen spewed online "trumps clearing the swamps, media is a lie etc"

Everytime I ask her where she's getting all this from she uses the same lines i see all over the Internet she just tells me she'll send me links (never does) When I ask why any of this matters to us in England she always replies with "you'll see" .. never giving any factual answers

How can I stop this?!

Form a group of equal people, 50% with QDS and 50% with TDS maybe they will offset each other. Make sure you take notes for the study, if things work out well you can move to phase 2 of the study and do a double blind one. Then if that works out well you can sell it as a cure for both.

Thanks. I suspected whataboutism was a possible response and sadly it has already happened.

Next up: A takedown on reddit's founders and / or management.

Another very sad story:

My whole family is a casualty
I’m so amazed and grateful that this sub exists. I’ve been feeling so alone for a very long time.

My brother is the one who got my family into Qanon. He’s extremely gullible, always wanting respect from the family for his vast knowledge and intelligence, and now he has it. Most everyone listens to him like he is the arbiter of ultimate reality. My dad is a little more skeptical of Q, and admits that the predictions haven’t come true. But he still buys into pizzagate and nearly everything else that fits into his victim complex.

My brother is a white supremacist, but he denies that white supremacists exist. He has entertained Holocaust denialism, flat earth, hollow earth, electric universe theory, and race and IQ pseudoscience. He believes pretty much anything that makes him edgy. He talks about this stuff constantly. For awhile all conversations led to race or gender. Then it was his gleeful fantasies about hangings and executions. Now it’s a mishmash of things that make no sense, but I just try not to listen.

He and I used to talk a lot about things, but then he went off the deep end. I tried to argue with him, but I’m not a very educated person myself and he was coming up with nonsense so fast that I couldn’t keep up. And he didn’t really care what I had to say. I’ve never used the term “mansplain” before, but it fits him exactly. He just wanted to hear himself talk. I’ve given up now. I don’t want to give his disgusting ideas any more validity by talking to him about them. But it doesn’t matter because everyone else gobbles it up and parrots his vile nonsense. I’ve lost almost all respect that I had for him. He has lost his ability to empathize with people, and that in my opinion is the root of the problem. I fell for pizzagate when my family first got into it. I wasn’t a huge believer, but I trusted my family’s judgment of things. I also wanted to feel like I was part of the family, which is why I voted for trump. But then as time went on and my family seemed to be losing more of their humanity by the day, I had to take a step back and think about wtf I’d gotten myself into.

I’m really freaked out about my family. These people are not well. They’re extremely bitter and resentful, and almost every day they are working themselves into a frenzy over all the people they hate and think don’t deserve to live. They’re eagerly waiting for people to be rounded up and shot. I’m not in a position where I feel comfortable speaking up. For now I still have to live with them and I don’t want to make things worse for myself. I don’t want them to convince themselves that I’m part of the conspiracy.

The other week I got into it with one of my other brothers about pizzagate. I had come out as gay to him a couple months before because I thought he might take it a little better than the rest. But then he made a comment to our dad about pedophilia becoming normalized during our dad’s homophobic rant. I was shocked and offended and I called my brother out on it. When he realized I wasn’t buying into his conspiratorial nonsense, he lashed out at me, basically told me he could say whatever he wants and he doesn’t care how it affects me. We’re no longer speaking. I feel like I’ve lost my whole family to a terrible disease. I have one sister left who as far as I know is oblivious to the family’s beliefs, but I don’t want to bring it up with her because I could inadvertently radicalize her.

I’m so heartbroken. I love my family but I have no idea who they are anymore. They were always a little nutty, but this is beyond anything I imagined possible. Writing this is bringing me to tears. What the hell is going on with people these days???

What do QDS and TDS stand for? I have no idea, so my sincere thanks in advance to anyone who can share that information.

QDS = QAnon derangement syndrome
TDS = Trump derangement syndrome

Some additional context:

QDS - An anacronym that looks like it was created on this thread by a Trump supporter

TDS - An acronym / anacronym that was created by Trump supporters on social media

QAnon - An ever evolving conspiracy theory created by white supremacists whose core belief has come to be believed by 50% of Republicans despite the fact that it's first and many subsequent predictions have not come true.

The FBI has identified white supremacists as the largest terrorism threat, domestic or international, to the USA. The FBI has further identified QAnon driven extremists as a terror threat.

There have been numerous terrorist incidents inspired by QAnon - murder, kidnapping, a plot to murder Joe Biden (google Jessica Prim), misinformation during wildfires.

Donald Trump has retweeted QAnon over 200 times.

24 Republicans running for Congress are QAnon followers.

Nobody uses QDS or TDS seriously, in my experience. It's an excuse to dismiss any criticism as hysterical -- something you'd use to end the conversation when it's clear you're probably losing and have no retort.

It's the same as "orange man bad" -- again, not something anyone uses seriously. Just a way to dismiss criticism when you have no other rebuttal against DJT.

And here we are again, discussing politics. sigh

Whether acronyms are used or not I think people have syndromes that prevent them from thinking clearly. Some hated Obama and was against everything he did just because he did it. Some have this same syndrome when it comes to Trump. I believe if Trump would have ran as a Democrat and won it would be completely opposite. We should be looking at what unites us and not what divides us as a nation. I have so many ideas that would not line up with Republicans it would shock some people, but more of my ideas line up with President Trump than Biden/Harris. Some would say I would be considered a Blue Dog Democrat and I held Zell Miller in high regard.