Punishment for the UCLA 3

Now that the three UCLA basketball team players have returned to the US, what should their punishment be?

Death.... :wink:
No but seriously- they were so uncomfortable being forced to thank President Trump you would have thought they were under threat of lashing or worse (here at home). It was somewhat telling that one of the fathers said "It is no big deal" while they were in custody. Did this guy not hear about Otto Frederick Warmbier dying for a much less severe infraction? I know- different country/regime/circumstances but Chinese justice/prison system is not known for leniency. If it were my kid(I didn't raise any entitled dumbasses) I would be trying everything to get him home safely and have some measure of shame and responsibility. This was a diplomatic and PR black eye for all Americans.

As I see it, UCLA's where the punishment has to come from, right? I say, expulsion from the school (not just the team), for an entire year. Let'them start from scratch next year. I know that won't happen though. Why, you may ask? We're talking college sports here. $$$$$

Require them to work as security guards at Walmart during the summer. But that will not happen either.

I know you are joking but known thieves as security guards? wouldn't it be better to bump them up to congress?