PSA: Vonage Mobile App now charges 1¢ per minute

This still really is a very decent price, but just figured to share news to everyone for whom may be unaware.

Vonage app same as hangouts?

Hangouts free

For people like me who use 2 numbers the vonage one gave me unlimited truphone minutes out on wifi for free.


I have 2 hangouts

Or textnow is good WiFi calling app. Even gives you a number. All free

Mark, I am sorry for not presenting my post well. (TextNow,Pinger,etc...) wouldn't necessarily be the best options in this case because they could result in people having 3+ numbers. The benefit of the Vonage mobile app, was it allowed free outbound calls over WiFi to any number and the other persons caller id would still show up as a number on your already owned sim card aka 3rd party provider. This allowed PAYG rates on any service for outgoing calls over WiFi to 0 cents per minute. I mentioned truphone before because, since those plans already come with unlimited free incoming minutes, makes for a steal of a bargain especially since truphone offers "real" minutes vs "voip". I do not understand lexus21 why you have 2 hangouts because, unless if I misunderstood something, google voice only works if you have a separate line connected on each account for google to forward the call to in the off chance you cant answer in Hangouts. At least when I tried connecting a VOIP number to Google Voice for that purpose, it said that outside voip number was ineligible.

TLDR: Line is a good replacement to vonage mobile. They give out 5 free 5 minute calls per day when ads are watched, and like vonage, allow the other persons caller id to still show up as your sims number.

How do you do that, wow. I've always wanted to set this up (getting 2 hangouts numbers on the same phone) but somehow never succeeded. Do you need two google accounts on the same phone to do this?

Tried Textnow's app in the past. Was very irritated by the continuous ads that popped up. They also suspended my phone number when I didn't sign up for a paid plan with them, or maybe it was suspended because I didn't use it for 2 days, or something equally annoying. Has that changed now? I might give them a try again if things have changed with the popup ads and suspensions.

Been awhile but if I remember.

  1. 2 seperate google voice numbers on 2 seperate accou nts

  2. you csn add more then one account to hangouts. Sign in on both accounts.

  3. then when you open hangouts you click the three lines . Left of the word hangouts on top

  4. under the stick figure avatar. You will see first account with a drop down arrow. Click that to second account or to add an account

I switch all the time

I chose two different area codes for hangouts numbers. Makes it easier

Ps I get messages or voicemail for both on one phone

Pps it still asks me if I want to
Add more accounts. Not sure if there is a limit

Ppps maybe others can chime in

Text now u have to make a text at least once in 30 days or they get rid of your number. Then u have to get a new number so I make sure I text at least once. To get rid of ads u have to buy premium which isn't free. Gl

Still hangouts best value. Free

Thanks for the info, lexusl21! Gotta try it out, would be cool. So you wrote, "I switch all the time" - does that mean you can only be in one Hangouts number at a time? So if you get a call on one number when you are logged in as the other account, will you not be able to answer that call?

Mark, thank you. did you sign up for TextNow on your phone thru their app, or from a computer (their web site says you can get a free number from your computer)?

I downloaded the app from my phone. Sometimes my friend and I are at a place and the text now app with wifi works better than the sprint signal so we contact each other with the text now app. That's why I have the app. Ymmv

One number at a time but you get messages and voice mail and calls from both numbers

Yes, 1 text every 30 days. That's why you should text now on Textnow.

In my experience on both iOS & Android, you are logged into both accounts, & both accounts can receive calls. I don't know if both accounts can be on calls simultaneously on same device, but I know that callers can reach me on either GV number (or the 3rd number belonging to the device.)