The bee world is abuzz with news of a vaccination process that can save hives from the the death knell of the bee's version of the black plague--American foulbrood, or AFB bacteria. Bee's, unlike humans, immune systems do not produce antibodies, so figuring out a way to vaccinate bees against AFB wasn't a walk in the park. But they, evidently, found a way to get the queen bees to pass on immunity to their untold offspring, which will assure that all young bees created by inoculated queens will be immune, thus ensuring herd, I mean hive immunity. Funny we humans cultivate most of our vaccines in eggs, so we have something in common with bees.

"The Finnish team calls their vaccine PrimeBEE, and they say it can be delivered to the queen via a sugar patty. Another plan would call for beekeepers to simply order a queen that's already been vaccinated. While a website has been created for that product, it does not list a price — or say when the vaccine might be available commercially." But looks like there may be some untoward dealing in the buying and selling of valuable queen bees soon.