Price matching policies

Anyone brave enough to start buying stuff knowing that prices will drop and you might be able to get money back on price match?

Good question
I bought a grill from Home Depot online, and just noticed that that It was now advertised for $20 bucks less by another online competitor( free shipping ).
The Home Depot website says they will match the online price but give absolutely no details how to go about it.

It is usually hard to price match. They get you to jump through hoops.

I usually just try to get the best price and then forget about it. if it is something I can return and buy again that is one option for a significant price drop. Also some credit cards will price match for you. Sites like camelcamelcamel for amazon are good to see if a price you are seeing is low.

There was a site that did it automatically for you but I forgot to bookmark it. I was going to take a look at it but was a bit concerned about them having access to my inbox to scan for purchases.

The most I will do is go to Best buy. While there if I find something I like. IE computer. I will go online through phone to amazon. Find a better price. As long as it is sold and ships thru Amazon. Best buy will match.

If you buy something now. Most places will not go past 30 days

Is Buy Buy's $35 restocking fee only
[li]on unlocked & contract phones that have been activated, or[/li]
[li]on unlocked & contract phones whose package has been opened?[/li]

Or, is it for all unlocked & contract phones, even if the package has not been opened, or if the package has been opened, even if it has not been activated?