Preventable Child Deaths

One would think that the auto industry with its experience and use of advanced technology(sensors, motion detectors,etc.) would be able to create an inexpensive device that could detect and prevent tragic deaths from children and pets being left in hot vehicles, a device that could improve upon what the 11 year old boy from Texas so admirably created. Parents who leave their children in a hot car come from all walks of life and often , for whatever reasons, just forget that they left their child in the car until it is tragically too late.

Two in two days is quite sobering.

Place this tag on your baby before you leave the house. Also ensures you do not leave you infant at the store. :wink:

From the few tragic cases of this type that I have read about, it does seem that people can actually forget about the infant in the car. While there probably is no foolproof way to "remind" them, there certainly are gadgets that could help. So far at least there has been limited interest in the matter even though there have been a few Kickstarter campaigns for individual devices.

What is more disturbing is that in many instances people have knowingly left children behind on the assumption that everything would be fine. Dealing with that type of issue is far more challenging.

It is also very common to see pets left in locked cars, since unlike infants, pets cannot normally be taken into stores and similar places.