Post your Gold total

In the interest of full disclosure what is your Gold total? Im at 167 not including the 20 gold that I was promised after losing my number.

300 + 20x3?

It is worthless anyway. 30, 300, 3000 and 3000000, what is the difference,?

100 on one line (ported out to Google Voice so I'm not even 100% sure if I can still access that gold for Amazon or something later) and 120 on the other (will be letting it expire from the Red Pocket system since I only had interest in keeping it as a PAYG line). Hopefully I can cash all this gold out on Amazon if that is ever actually available and then be done with CN.

140 Gold. *

  • Not FDIC insured

My big dream was to either get paygo for my gold or amazon cash. 10 dollars on Tello is so much easier for minutes.

  1. I'd be shocked if amazon will ever work. Everybody will cash out first day. Big bill For thomas. Cell no no

There would probably be a monthly restriction on the amount you can cash out (e.g., $10 for 10 gold per month max). I'd still do it though and slowly drain out my gold for Amazon credit as much as possible...

Amazon? Go Africa go! Don't end up in Ebola.