Port In Challenges to Visible

About 6 months ago, I ported a number from XFinity to Visible and in the process my area code was changed from (609) to (856). This ended up being like getting a new number. Fortunate for me the area code change resulted in getting a number free of unwanted spam calls.

Earlier this week, I started the port out a number from Red Pocket (Red-Verizon) to Visible. Getting RP to release my number was a royal pain. They held it up because my Visible account was set up under by wife's first name instead of my first name. Visible never informed me of a port in error. That's resolved now. But my big problem is that I have no service on neither Visible or RP. Visible says it could take 4-5 days. I never heard of this before (4-5 days with no service). All my previous experience has been the new service activates pretty much right away as soon as the number is released from the old carrier.

Is this delay really normal? I'd hate to sit by and do nothing to find I still have no service in a few more days, but again I don't know who is going to help me now that Visible doesn't appear to be doing anything. Thanks

Odd that you have no active service on either carrier. You can go to the below link or similar to check and see what service, if any, your number is on.

Thank you for the link. It shows


You might get on the reddit "Visible" thread(s) and seek an answer to your problem there. I have seen some porting problems mentioned there, so there's a good chance someone else has had the same problem porting from Red Pocket.

Great Idea, I'll look into that. I have to say the service with Visible on my other line has been great, so once I get this taken care of then I should be ok. Thank you.

Seems obvious but have you activated your visible line via the app?

Sometimes it takes a little time to iron out but it shouldn't take 4-5 days. I'd sleep on it and see it is working tomorrow.

Hello, good point about activating the visible line. Yes, I checked and that was done. Within the Visible app I get a silly message saying the service should be ready shortly and it's waiting for my previous carrier to unplug the line. I don't think my old carrier has to do anything more since Visible even said the line was released by the old carrier. But you're right this message only appeared once my old carrier released my line. I was hoping service would start overnight but it hasn't so I'll go back to Visible again this morning to follow up. I have to say Visible customer service is a weak point to what is a good deal. My other line with Visible gets download speeds often as great as my hard wired internet service (80-100 Mbs). I guess it helps having a verizon tower on the roof of my building.

joeuser, I read one recent report in the Visible reddit forum, suggesting installing the SIM and restarting the phone even if the app says it's still waiting. The point was that sometimes the port completes before Visible tells you it has completed. Have you tried that?

Hi KentE, thanks for the suggestion. I resolved the issue. Let me share the details with everyone.
Visible confirmed the number was released and active in their system.
I was instructed to remove and reinstall the sim, unfortunately it didn't work.
I was also instructed to do a network reset, unfortunately that didn't work.
Swapping the Visible sim into another VZ iphone instantly activated the service.
Then swapping the same Visible sim back into the iphone that hadn't worked, magically worked fine.
** For whatever reason I had to activate the sim on another phone before I could get it to work on my month old iphone SE 2020, which worked fine on RP (Verizon) even with a network reset and removing the sim.**
The service rep was surprised as well as I.
Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions.

There's a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that there are problems with activating Visible when using the very latest versions of IOS. What version of IOS is your old Verizon iPhone running?

Everyone has been having issues with the iphone se 2020 with activation error messages but they usually resolve after a few tries.

Anyway glad they fixed it. Visible customer service not that bad after all.

You might be onto something about the iOS, It didn't cross my mind. The old iphone is on 13.5 and the new iphone is on 13.5.1.
I'm just glad I didn't wait around like the Visible rep was telling me last night, when they said it can take 4-5 days after the number gets released by the old carrier. The rep today was much better, they looked up the account and saw the number was active in Visible and the issue was related to the sim and iphone (not a porting issue any longer).
I'm glad it's fixed now. I have to say with my other Visible line, I've had no issues once the initial service kinks were worked out. Not having to contact a rep for more than 6 months now is the way it should be. Thanks to everyone who provided help.