Poll: Higher paying ads or Cellnuvo games?

I think the games are a bit controversial with some liking them and others not. So here is a poll! Cast your votes.

Obviously if you choose to keep one of the games cellnuvo will not be able to increase the ad payouts by as much so choose carefully.

Nothing official but hopefully cellnuvo will take note of what we all want.

I'm having trouble making up my mind...... I'm not a fan of the games. But I am in favor of CellNuvo attracting new users, and energizing current users, at least as far as enlightened self-interest goes. (Translation: I want CellNuvo to succeed.) Basically, if the games help, I'm for keeping one or both, but scaling the payouts down so that basic earnings go up, too.

I don't like the game. It wants to create an urge for people to swipe a certain number of times for the whole pot. Knowing that the chance of winning is so slim, I don't have any urge to finish a game. I can stop any time. I just think... without this stupid game I might get more silvers for my swipes.

Split the pot is fine.

Match the pot should be

Game hour or game weekend

Ads shoukd be 60 silver instead of 15

Here is my logic. Games should not be taken away, but users should have the option to "opt-out" if they choose. This will leave 2 choices.

  1. If you play games you wont get as many 10+ silver ads, but random chances of 200+ silver opportunities.
  2. If you opt-out of games you wont be eligible for big silver, but there should be a guarantee of 15 silver per ad.

Side Note:Like KentE, I want CellNuvo to be successful in the long run, and keep as many happy customers as possible. For this reason I do believe there should be a limit to how much silver you make a day. Because there is currently a cash out limit of 100 per month, I would think that 5-10 Gold per day earning limit is fair.

Not 15 silver but. 30 to 60 silver ads. 60 better

I agree, the bigger minimum silver the better. However, the last thing I want CellNuvo to do is go the way of RingPlus with big promises and no outcome.

Also, I take that back about the 5-10 gold per day. I would say no more than 200 gold per month earning limit, in combination with the 100 gold per month payout limit.

Us swiping ads is how they make money. That would be like Walmart setting a limit on how much we could spend with them, per month.

I think they want to encourage us to watch as many ads as possible.

I don't want limits, I just want more ways to spend my gold. If I could earn 500 gold a month I want to be able to spend it. So far I can only spend 100 gold so why swipe for more?

Let's assume the ad supply is not infinite......
If there's a finite number of ad views available, it becomes a juggling match for CN to sustain customer growth, not only to maximizes the ad views.

e.g., assume 10% of the swipers are really dedicated, and will make a real effort to swipe whenever ads are released (middle of the night, daybreak, etc.) to take advantage of high payout ad releases. Good for CN since all the available ads have been consumed, right?
But maybe not-- because the other 90% of swipers suffer from a dearth of ads when swiping at convenient times. Low enough return, and they no longer swipe.

And I have to assume that metrics might be important to ad buyers-- that there's more advertising value in 1000 customers seeing a Malteser ad 5 times than there is in 20 customers seeing the ad 250 times each.

Not if those 20 people go buy 20 bags of candy each

Got to go.

Candy run!

Do you want 20 brainwashed slaves or 1000 informed slaves?
I heard of Oriel but I will definitely buy Maltesers if I have to make a choice.

Rather have 20 loyal customer who purchase product. Then 1000 moochers

I guess I'll go against the grain like I usually do. I personally like the Number Match game & would keep it. It does make me swipe more, something about watching the pot go up after each ad I get, the competition & the little burst of endorphins I get when I win. Just swiping ads gets boring.

Even though I won a Split the Pot I don't favor it much. It's like buying lottery ticket. You get ticket & wait to see if you won knowing your chances are pretty slim. I don't swipe more because of it though. Rather see it go & increase ad awards instead.

But I would keep Number Match game.

Another reason I hate the game... Now my internet speed is so low that there is a zero chance of winning, but I still have to contribute to the game for every ad I watch.

Well, you are still on the daily split the pot

Though, it'd be nice to be able to pay cable modem bill with CN gold.

Well it after getting a bunch of 20-30 second 2-5 silver ads I've changed my mind and would rather have higher silver ads instead of the games. It's gotten so much harder to even come close to winning the Match game & then to get all those long, puny silver ads on top of it, it's a double whammy.

I've found it's no longer fun nor worth my time & effort. I now go days & don't even bother swiping. And once those long, puny silver ads come up one after another & no 15 silver ads I just stop swiping.

It's gotten to where I don't even finish all my entries for the Split the Pot before losing interest & getting a little ticked off.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I'll just go back to swiping every so often in order to try to get 10 silvers to pay for my monthly RP service.

IMO, In order to pay out more per ad viewed, just lower the jackpot for the Match a Number games. I'd be happy whether the jackpot is 50, 100 or 200 depending on how many numbers have to match. Maybe 50 for 3 numbers, 100 for 6 numbers, 200 for 8 numbers, etc. Just winning the games are good enough for me to swipes more often. And users getting higher ad payouts will make them want to swipe more too. The Split the Pot is just too randomly, just pure luck, and not instantaneous enough, and take away too many silvers from the ads viewing payouts ...so maybe we can do away the SPlit the Pot. And only one person can win anyway...unlike Match Numbers, a lot of people can win. Well, that's my opinion after playing for few weeks. Overall, I enjoy it, but I'd like to make it better...thus this suggestion.

Finally won 500 silver on bingo. Seems very hard to win now. More people downloading new app equal more competition.

Not really. More players but someone still has to meet the winning requirement. Just means point accumulate faster.