Please post steps to leave CellNuvo or Port out

Can someone please post the steps necessary to leave (have them release your phone) CellNuvo?

  1. Is it done through CN or RP
  2. What if you just want your phone released and don't care about the number
  3. What if you want to port the number
  4. Is your account number your phone number
  5. Is your PIN four zeros
  6. Thanks in advance

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I ported one of my lines out to Google Voice a few weeks ago. Important note: this was my original CellNuvo number (NOT the reassigned 331 number) and it had been restored by CellNuvo. I contacted RP support directly via chat and they provided me the account number and PIN based on the phone number I gave them. I think the PIN was the last 4 digits of the phone number. Best to check with RP support either way.

The port did fail once for incorrect PIN, but I simply resubmitted to Google saying that the info should be correct and then it went through just fine within 24 hours.

when you hear "your account cannot be validated..." your phone is free to go.

probably the same case when you see your account is close in rpeasyrill.

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The "proper" way would be to do it through CellNuvo customer support. The expedient way is to do it through Red Pocket. CellNuvo would be relaying to you the Red Pocket information about account number & pin.

I did check just to get a better understanding of how this is working behind the scenes, and MicrotonalBanana is correct that the RP account number (the one that matters for porting) is not the same as the CN account number, and not related to the actie (or inactive) phone #. For my line, the PIN was also not related to either phone number or ESN. So you really need to get confirmation of this as well. It took me a few minutes to get the info via Red Pocket online Chat. There does not seem to be a place to access account number and PIN from the Red Pocket "dashboard".

If you just want a phone released, this should be possible by just cancelling the Red Pocket account. In the Sprint network, MEIDs are released by default when they are no longer attached to a phone number. The 'exception to the rule' in my experience is FreedomPop (Sprint side), who will hold an MEID until specifically requested to release it.

Answers by number:

  1. Either. RP probably faster with less chance of error.
  2. Cancel the RP account, and confirm via Ting/Tello BYOD test that MEID is released. (give it 24 hours before worrying.)
  3. Follow MicrotonalBanana's suggestion to get RP porting credentials.
  4. No. You have to ask.
  5. No. You have to ask.
  6. hope it helps.

I find couple of people here like Kent and mmfacemm have messages on ring plus forums . I just want to know more about speedtalk. I think speedtalk are more likely my choice to move to. Anyone can suggest a better choice? I need a low use voice and text on tmobile network with low cost. Thanks very much.

I don't see those messages... what info are you looking for about speedtalk? I used them briefly. They aren't state of the art but get the job done if you want cheap. They have annual plans on ebay that are good value too.

Other tmobile mvnos that are decent are TPO (special plans here - ) and mintsim (get 3 months free with a purchase of an unlocked phone at bestbuy). There is also redpocket.

How many minutes/texts/data and how much are you look to spend max.

I've never had a line on a T-Mobile network-- but SpeedTalk and TPO (The People's Operator) and Red Pocket are frequently considered the value leaders for low-volume T-Mo users. I think all start at about $5/mo.

I've noticed reports that all can be a little unusual about what they allow with switching plans, porting in a number at a later date, how they deal with overages, etc. It's good to be aware of them so you don't get surprised by something you were counting on doing.....

SpeedTalk plans at:
T-Mo at $5/month, but requires a top-up (and offers overages).

TPO requires auto-pay, or the monthly price goes up.

For Red Pocket, you need to prepay for a year to get the $5/mo rate. (RP has an Ebay store.) Overages available at a few dollars each for refill buckets, but not available per-unit.

MintSim is an attractive offer, but will be considerably more expensive after the 3-month offer.

T-Mobile has a $3 a month Paygo plan where you get 30min or 30 texts and 10 cents a min. if you need more. One used to be able to but a week worth of data or buy a day pass, but, not sure, I believe these are not longer offered. Get a sim card for about $3.50.

I am not sure this will work for everybody, but I have been really happy with my new setup. I purchased the $40 verizon moto E4 phone (it is GSM phone) and unlocked it as per the instruction by Chelle in a previous post

I then bought a freedompop ATT SIM which is on sale now for 1 penny (note that you need to pay an additional $5 to downgrade to the free plan). You get 700mb free data total per month (by adding friends). I am only using the data on freedompop and making calls with hangouts (i am not using the freedompop app at all).Offer Penny Sim 6 500mb Bonus Utm Source Cj Utm Medium Cranial Borborygmus Utm Adgroup 8138668 Utm Campaign Freedompop Com | FreedomPop

I have to say that the phone works very well and it is a steal at $40 (fingerprint reader, great camera, fast) and the call quality for me is pretty good. Just beware if you go this route to remember that your calls are not cellular (which means not always optimal call quality) and you need to be careful to properly downgrade your freedompop plan to avoid the extra charges..but there are multiple posts on slickdeals on how to properly do this. Also, if you are not happy with freedompop, once unlocked, the phone will work with another GSM provider (tmobile/ ATT) by just swapping the SIM card.

If you do not want to buy a new phone and just want to reactivate a cdma phone, freedompop also offers a 99 cent activation sale for such a device (note that you need to pay an additional $5 to downgrade to the free plan). You get 1000mb free data total per month (by adding friends).!&utm_term=TEXT_LINK&utm_medium=techbargains&utm_adgroup=direct&utm_source=impactradius

I know many people have mixed reviews regarding freedompop, but if you are on a limited budget, this may be a good option