Please don't forget to tip your Flight Attendant.

Your Flight Attendant Is Now Accepting Tips

But as always is the case, there's more to the story.

Tips on airlines would be a tad too greazy spoonish in my opinion. Many food servers rely on tips to pay the rent, and if the powers that be at the airlines want their customers to think their employees don't get paid enough without tips to live comfortably, then promoting tips for them will contribute to that image. Just because the restaurant industry can get by without paying much to their employees whilst depending on their customers to foot part of their employees income, doesn't make such a practice right or sustainable in other industries. Maybe we should start tipping teachers, too, many who are at the tipping point. I'd rather tip flight attendants when they successfully deal with unruly passengers and emergencies that occur during a flight.

I know this is a serious discussion, but I couldn't help but be reminded of this...

Says something about the powers that be. I think the CEO has some sort of oral/pencil problem.