Phone Stolen or Lost. Questions/Help

My inlaws extended family has lost or had stolen another IPHONE. This last one was the new Iphone 10 XR

It had face lock on it.

She is elderly and she asked me for help again.

I will try to track through Icloud again but she said phone was turned off. When someone tried She also has her car keys missing. She lives in a assisted living place.

Anything I can do? I am guessing I can lock the phone using icloud and as soon as it is turned on it is locked, but it is already face locked. So any reason to try to lock through iphone.

I explained about the TILE smart tracker. Is it thin enough to fit in between phone and case? For the future. She just got a new Iphone 8. So two new phones this year. Shame

She is very nice and any suggestions is welcomed. For now and/or future.

Any iPhone with Face ID can also be unlocked with passcode instead. You can change passcode via iCloud if existing passcode has been compromised.

She told me that she was notified that it was trying to be activate

Not sure exactly what that means. Since I didn't get details yet

Shame the iPhone 10r is only 2 months old.

They really take advantage of the elderly.

I was visiting when she got her iPhone 10. So I know it's set up with face ID and a passcode. Isn't it unbreakable.? I remember the FBI or doj trying to get apple to break into their own phone. They said no. I believe it was done but it took cracking genius.

The normal person stealing an iPhone can't use it I'm assuming.

Since this is not the first time she had things stolen. Maybe it's time for a hidden motion activate camera?

I mean these phones are like $700 and plus. It not a Petty crime

She sent me a picture of a notification for activation lock request. It says that whoever is trying to activate it needs the Apple ID and passcode which they don't have. I don't know if they're trying to crack it. The notice recommends putting the phone into lost mode. The issue is now that she replaced her phone she's going to run into the same problem as she did with her other phone that she lost that we try to help her locate when we were there visiting. Once you replace it with another phone you go on iCloud it doesn't show the old phone anymore.

So it was definitely stolen. We wondered if maybe she just lost it ,but no.

If I found any phone I would bring it to the front desk. I don't understand why people would do that. They know that the people living there are elderly. Even if she left the at the dining room. Really not nice no respect.

Tape a note on the back of the phone or phone cover that said, "If found, please call this number." Most people would call and try to return the phone to the rightful owner. Install Family 360 Family Locator...If she misplaces the phone somewhere, the app will give you an approximate location of the phone. I was able to locate my phone that I misplaced from using that app.

If phone is expensive like iPhone, consider offer money rewards like $100 or something. Incentive for the person who finds it to return the phone instead of keeping it.

iCloud does the same. We signed her up a couple of months ago.

Issue is the phone was turned off.

The phone was found in the elder Care building.

Note or no note. There's a front desk and many people that work there. The phone could have been handed at the front desk by the front door.

Obviously it was stolen. Especially since they try to activate it. We know this because of the email that she received and that I saw copy of tonight.

When she lost her Samsung and replaced it with the iPhone as soon as you did not the iCloud no longer showed that phone. Plus you already told us the other day. Three or four days after it was stolen. So I'm not sure what her daughter did

I guess I'll find out more tomorrow.

Can the Tile smart locator. Fit in between the case and phone? Or too thick?

She is not sure if stolen from dining room or from her apartment. In Either case it was inside the facility if somebody wanted to return it they could have brought it to the front desk or ended it to any worker there.

They tried to activate it through the iCloud. Not an act of a innocent person

Tile will probably be too thick plus if stolen they can easily remove it and put in on a truck towards canada. Thinnest is 2.4mm so might be okay in a wallet style case. They should make an iphone case.

Might be worth buying applecare with theft and loss with the next phone. Or make sure she sticks to a cheaoer iphone like the 7 which should be good for an elderly lady. No need for an xr. Credit cards usually exclude lost phones but if you think it has been stolen then filing a police report and seeing if the cc will pay a claim might be an avenue to explore.

Probably make sure she doesn't turn it off. These phones have decent standby times.

The note on the back might be useful. The activation message could simply be someone trying to turn it on and find details to send it back. But yes there is a front desk but not everyone will want to or think to return it there despite how obvious it seems.

When you walk into visit the facility you must sign in at the front desk. There people manning the front desk.

I will mention it to her that many people try to turn on to see who's it was.

I was going to go on today at see if I can put it into lost mode. but last time when we were visiting as soon as you put a new phone on the account the old phone gets dropped off and no longer can you do anything to it. Basically she called me too late for me to help.

Also she said that it was on and then it was turned off. Again I'll have to find out more information. But her car keys also missing.

Last time we were there visiting you spent hours looking for her other old phone.

The one thing that I found out during this whole thing. In the beginning of the year.
That for Android users. Us, we all are log into the play store. And if you download Google find my phone app you can make your phone ring, lock, and erase. Basically a built in iCloud system.
Good thing to know.

I will mention the note thing.

The next released ios 13 will allow you to find your iphone even when off. Piggybacks off bluetooth of nearby apple devices homing in on the lost iphone which still acts as a "bluetooth beacon" when off.

So no help now but for future phones will be helpful!