Phone finally working but

Dear Customer:

We are sorry to inform you that we are not able to assign your former
number to your account and device. We regret that there is no technical
solution available to us at this time.
Although the current situation was not caused by matters under our
control, we would be happy to assign you a new number that is local to
your area and then offer you 20 gold on your account as a thank you for
your patience and loyalty.
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I wonder how much you could get if you sued them.

20 gold for your number.... wow.

Was that a primary line?

Yes but linked to my GV so no biggie. Just glad my phone is working again.

did it just start working randomly or you did a prl update?

Enjoy you new phone number and 20 Gold!

I received the email and checked my phone so Im not sure when it started, sometime in the last 12 hours.

Probably nothing. But you can search the internet for the many folks from a lot of different carriers who have lost numbers, and perhaps the results would be different than I expect.

I think it's good that CN is 'fessing up to not being able to solve this problem for some users-- and the longer it's gone on, that probably includes most of us who are still on temporary numbers.

I wish there was a better solution for those who had an important number at CellNuvo-- there might be an option of pursuing a win-back to reclaim the lost number without CellNuvo being directly involved. (I think this has to be done through the 'real' carrier who originally issued the number, not through the last-used MVNO, but I've only read about it a little.)

For some of us (including me), a local number is more important than a specific local number. I had a conversation with Red Pocket chat, and learned that Red Pocket does not normally allow a new number to be ported in to a pre-existing account, and does not normally allow a new RP-provided number in an area code differing from the originally-issued Red Pocket #. For a new number on an existing account (either a customer-supplied ported number, or a new RP-issued number in a different area code), the original account has to be closed and a new account opened. It looks like CN is doing what it can to make the situation a little better, although I'm certain it can't be adequate for those who are losing an important number.

Has anyone else received the OP's message from CN? I have received it on two of my lines today, however, both of the numbers still show as owned by sprint and they don't appear to have been reassigned. When I try texting one of the numbers i get "the customer you are trying to text is temporarily unavailable". When I look up the device on Ting, it shows the device is currently active. This device has had no service since the outage and has never had a temp number.

Since you did not mention... Have you ever tried to do a PRL and Profile update?

I accepted the offer... Too bad my second line has the original number back.

Out of curiosity, how does his original number gets lost and unrecoverable while others original number were able to be restored? Both are Sprint owned numbers was it not?

P.S. Sorry for your lost :lol:

My phone just started working again and the store shows I used 5 gold to purchase topup. My app also shows a 5 gold deduction. The app also caugmlht up with the silver used since before the outage. I was working with support and they came through. Hope this is a good sign of things going forward. Edit: The silver used just reflects the 5000 silver used for the topup.

That's great news! I think it's the first report I've seen of everything working and the purchase showing correctly everywhere.

Thought I would add that I'm on ver. 2.59

and have my original number.

That is great support is not even answering some of us

When did last you add 5 gold plan?

You on cmda or gsm?

What plan do you happen to be on? Thanks

I added the gold yesterday, I'm on CDMA sprint, I assume I'm on the infinite plan since that was the only choice in the store. I do have another phone that is with redpocket GSM ATT, but that phone has nothing to do with CN.

Support hasn't answered me since last weekend. Can you add more gold into top up? If so do you see rp credit

Ie: 5, 10 15 gold

I don't know about adding more gold. I tried adding gold a week ago when I lost service then contacted support a couple days later when nothing happened. Support had me reset my phone using my MSL code and MSID. I then contacted support that I followed their instructions but still had no service and that they needed to topup my account, they got right back to me and said they would work on it. I did try adding gold again and that seems to be the one I got credit for.They definately did something on their end that got things working.