Personal messaging

Hey hungryghost, any plans to introduce personal messaging here?

Maybe eventually. I thought about implementing site-wide messaging in the past (mainly to tinker around with the software), but I never got around to it. At this point, I think I'll hold off and see how much usage this forum gets. If lots of people start using it, then I'll consider adding more features like that.

Yes I was hoping for PMs too.

It's always nice to have the option if needed. :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 for this.

I don't use PM very often, but it comes in handy when needed :smiley:

Private Messaging is now here!

Click on a user's profile pic. From the profile page, just click on the "Write Private Message" button.

You also click on your own profile pic in the toolbar, and the dropdown list will tell you how many unread messages you have.

Excellent! Didn't even know.

When you get an email notification for a message is there a way you can actually show the message or a preview of it in the email?