Pastor: Actions of many Christians today would 'frighten Jesus'

[i]I’m a conservative, evangelical Christian who is actually the senior pastor of a fairly large church in Pennsylvania.

There is nothing courageous, humble or gracious about the behavior of our president or many conservative, evangelicals these days – and it frightens me big time. If it were possible, I think it would frighten Jesus.

In the past four years, five well-known American pastors from mega-churches either fell from grace or were disgraced by unethical practices that should have had conservative evangelicals up in arms

Must we bludgeon people in our disagreement? Is that what Jesus did?

What concerns me is that many conservative evangelicals have perverted the gospel and don’t seem to realize it.

At the very time when America needs humble courage, aloof arrogance is running amok.

I think it’s time we put down the false RSV Bible and start reading one of the real translations.

It’s not possible to follow Jesus otherwise.[/i]