Password managers

With the latest news of another major password hack, perhaps time to start using these.

What are your thoughts? Anyone you particularly trust? Additional thoughts?

How about Google Chrome Password saving feature?

Would you trust password managers for banking?

Watching this now on LastPass Family. Really cool!

Any worthwhile free versions?

Here are some popular ones:

Alternative (free, open-source):

  • "1Password integrates with the popular site Have I Been Pwned to keep an eye on your logins for any potential security breaches or vulnerabilities."

Is KeePass better than the free version of LatePass?

I would never give all of my passwords to a company.

I may be strange but I have a unique password for every website or company that I use. You could take away all of my devices and notepads and I could tell you my password to any website or company that I set up a password for.

Here is simple formula, which is not one I use, but just an example. Take the name of company or website, then take first two letters and last two letter and convert them to a single digit using the numbers they represent in a phone keypad, make this your first 4 digits in your password, then take a number you like or multiple numbers and add that to the numbers and do the reverse on the keypad (first letter) to get the letters in your password. Here is an example if I were to use 1234 for my secret code: for CellNUV, C is a 2 on the phone keypad, e is 3 on keypad, v is 8 on keypad, o is 6 on keypad (first digits for password would be 2386) now add 1 to the 2 which is a 3 and is d on keypad, 3 plus 2 is 5 and would be j on keypad, 8 plus 3 is 11 (needs to be condensed to 1 digit so just add them together until you get a single digit) 1 plus 1 would be a 2 which is the letter a, 6 plus 4 is 10 which would convert to 1, now there is no letter associated with the 1 on keypad so you have to decide if you want to go forward to the 2 or backwards to the 0 if you go forward it would be a 2 which is the letter a.

So the password for CellNUVO is 2386djaa. If a capital letter is required which is a good idea you could make it the first or last letter, you just need to remember your formula.

Sounds like a great system -- thanks for the idea!

If you prefer to stay "off the grid" ("out of the cloud") then KeePass is the better option.

"Syncthing" can be used to sync KeePass DB across devices.

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@112059 What if you are prompted to change password and not reuse previous password(s)? Do you use a similar technique with usernames? Thank you.

ETA: Also, what if special characters are required? (not all websites that require password to contain special characters allow the same special characters.)

If a special character is required I use only one. You can use the special character above the first number in your special code number. So far I have had to change my PW with Sprint 4 times and it is a hassle because they seem to force a PW change for silly reasons and I changed the special character each time. I have not come up with a formula to remember how may times the PW has been changed.

Just did a quick search and found this online.

Just resurrecting an old topic, esp with recent discussion on possible strange incidents that may have indicate more sites got hacked...