Oy My--"burrr"

Forget Norwegians, maybe these tough Russians would like to immigrate to a warmer more hospitable Alaska.


Maybe ET can arrange an exchange program.
Surely Yakutia seems cool enough, and perhaps folks from Yakutia would appreciate the relative warmth of our north for a short period of time. :slight_smile:

Wow !!
Such a pretty photo.

I can say that I've been outside on days that got me small icicles wherever I wasn't wrapped up during horse chores - but I don't think they were ever THAT impressive.

An interesting aside:
Learning at 1st hand that on such days one must blink FAST - or risk the eyelashes freezing together is quite memorable !!

Lived at a place for a year or so that had a team from Good Morning America do a spot there entitled 'coldest spot in America' at -56F, literally right out front on the road there.
And...(warning TMI !!)...actually moved away from there pretty soon after the sewage pipe right under the kitchen floor had frozen & split - but was not to be fixed until spring - yuck !!

Maybe I just don't get it, being a tropical species, But,...... if the sewage is hard frozen till spring, why worry about it now?

Why? I think the answer could be had from any person who has attempted to take care of business outdoors during -F(*!!&^#) degrees weather, and has survived with all their appendages intact.:ohmy:

Hi Als - I can answer that easily:

It takes a very deep freeze surrounding a structure to penetrate UP into it's middle - and with that pipe break located right in the center of the inhabited, well heated place - it froze, split, and thawed - turning the kitchen floor a stinky black - hence the 'yuck' part.

Very cute & funny !!:

Not meaning to frighten anyone, but...
Speaking from experience honestly acquired during most of a decade living in a camper here in Vermont with no running water ~6 months/year - and only icky water when it weren't froze - an outdoor bucket loo was the way.
At -30F or so that gets very interesting - I can tell you the 1st few seconds are VERY stimulating !!
Fortunately (and being very warm blooded...) the seat always warmed up quickly so that no skin was ever lost.
All the same - one did not linger there by choice & having a small lap blanket was also quite helpful.

Living with such deep cold can actually be sort of an art as well as quite invigorating for those of us who willingly adapt to it.

Cool! Another likely benefit is that nobody, nor any government entity, can freeze your assets, since you are semi-voluntarily freezing it, er, them yourself. :slight_smile: