Other ways to save Money

I assume many of us are here because we like a bargain and we like to save money. Here are some of my favorite ways to save. Some come out to just a few bucks a month and others are much more. I guess it all adds up. Here goes......

Bing Rewards- about 5-7 bucks a month on average
Ibotta shopping app - just got it and made 25 bucks in about a week
Dosh shopping app - made about 45 bucks this month
Iris Alarm system - had for 2 years, no monitoring fee Iris calls you if alarm is tripped and you call police. So free alarm after buy for 50
Cash back credit cards- I have some that are 1 % but others that are 2% and even 3% and rotating categories of 5% (even Amazon)
Coupons in the mail- most I trow out but Longhorn, Captain D's, Papa Johns, Newts, and Bed bath and Beyond I save and use.
Freedompop- I know many people hate it but you just can't beat free. I've had it for 2-3 years and use it for data. Never been charged
Streaming XM Sirius radio- I get it for free using a trick of sorts, PM me if you want to know more
Gas Buddy App- I save 5-15 cents per gallon with this.
Sam's Club- save a lot on everything but don't buy more than you need.
Comcast- I call them once a year and threaten to leave and then negotiate a better deal. HD TV HBO SHO and 100 meg internet for $61.00
And I saved the 'best for last" Credit card sign up bonus. It takes work and is not for everyone but I have made over 13,000 doing this in the last 2 years (made 150 bucks today actually)

I hope one or more of these ideas can help you put a few bucks in your pocket!

There is also stuff like Swagbucks which pays you to do stuff like surveys, watch ads, etc. On android they have up to 7 apps and I earn at least $1.40/day from all of the apps combined. If you aren't blocking ads, it's possible to get bonus rounds and earn even more and is usually passive unless the ads or the app is acting up. If you do block ads (they don't want you doing that, of course), then it tends to go by pretty fast, but you'll only get the minimum amount.

Google opinion rewards- paypal for ios and google store credit for android - answer a survey now and then.
Swagbucks - surveys, shopping, searching etc earns swagbucks redeemable for cash
Slickdeals - source of all deals you could possible want (but far more than you need so exercise some control!!)
Bogleheads - Learn how to invest the easy, cheap and best way. I hope none of you are Edward Jones customers!!
Ebates and Befrugal are my favorite cashback shopping apps.

Quick and easy way to accumulate cashback on credit cards - Use a cashback credit card to purchase gift card(s) (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover). Then pay the gift card balance back to cashback credit card. Free points.

And this is a good example of why every company should write an 'abuse' exception into their terms.

I fail to see how comments like that contribute constructively to the topic at hand. If you have suggestions for ways to save money, feel free to share.

It was a good tip. Thanks

Several cash-back credit cards have already been mentioned, but I would like to highlight two that have been very good to us over the past few years. Neither one has any annual fee, which is great, too.

First, the Fidelity Rewards card gives 2% cash back as long as you redeem into a Fidelity account (retirement, college, or money market), or 1% if you just request a check or statement credit. We redeem the 2% back into their money market account, then transfer it to a higher-paying account elsewhere (their money market account is currently paying 0.07%, whereas Ally and many other online banks pay around 1.25%).

Second, the Chase Freedom card pays a base rate of 1% cash back, but they have 5% back each quarter on different bonus categories, such as groceries and department stores (up to a max of $1500 spent per category).

Another nice benefit with both of these cards is that the cash back is never a taxable event -- no 1099 forms or income to report come tax time, unlike some of those "Open a checking account with us and we'll give you a $100 bonus!" offers.