Other economy minded folks here ??

Howdy All.
Recently I grabbed a domain name for a super-cheap price that I will be creating a blog on (hopefully soon...).

This will be a sort of gathering place for things I'll write about that are very good deals IMO.

I am also considering making a little forum there which will likely include a sub-section for mentions of good cellular deals as well as some VOIP stuff that I've run across.

Any forum or board made by me will NOT be heavily moderated as I am very staunchly against censorship in all of its many forms (though at the same time I also do not condone poor behaviours that are snarky or abusive in my view).

Just posting a sort of advance notice to the other members here.

I'm also wondering if anyone might be interested ??


Sure why not.

Go for it.

Definitely interested--thanks.

Excellent - thanks for replying folks !!!

Looks like I'd better git going on that project ASAP.

Best Wishes to All.

I Trademarked a great idea back in the 90's..
I'm still waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.
Go For it!

How is it coming along?

Hi Mmfacemm - thanks for asking.
It is coming along slowly & carefully as this will be my 1st WP site & I'm learning by doing.
(Always avoided WP before, actually !!)
Kinda funny as I've been providing hosting clients with services for a bunch of years, but only having a couple opf personal sites myself all this time...