OMG this is so clever (and sadly true)

Name someone who is universally agreed to be evil (genocidal dictator, serial killer etc) and I'll defend them and their actions using conservative logic.

One of many hilarious responses in the thread:

[i]Wile E Coyote

Convenient that the footage starts on Wile E Coyote but we don't see what Roadrunner was doing before hand. So this violent antifa roadrunner could be speeding around, looking for trouble and violence and the footage starts right when the Coyote is defending himself.[/i]

Bashar Assad

Leftists love saying things like "torture" and "chemical weapons" about people they disagree with. What even is torture? If you give your kid a bath is antifa gonna lock you up for waterboarding? Salt is a chemical. Am I launching a chemical attack when putting salt on my food?

Charles Montgomery Burns

Literally creates jobs for the entire town. He then tries to block out the sun so the town needs more electricity and thus CREATES MORE JOBS and a violent antifa thug named Maggie shoots him for his trouble.


Literally just made a nice gold ring and a leftist mob wanted to destroy him because they were jealous of his hard work and felt they were entitled. HE EVEN GAVE RINGS TO MEN AND DWARVES BUT THAT WASN'T ENOUGH THE LEFTISTS WANTED HIS TOO! Socialism is a disease.

Language, the logic embedded in it, and our brain structures that give rise to these tools, which seem to give us more power and creativity than other living creatures, can obviously be a force for both good and evil. We have used language to create beauty, science, maths, and so on, and through propaganda, sophistry, and the like, we have used language to deceive and control others in an effort to gain power and justify "evil" deeds. So having the linguistic ability to argue right is wrong and wrong is right is "a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma ..." which hopefully our brains can unravel.:dry:

Well said! Your post brought back fond memories of @oldbooks1, who was quite the erudite and quotable philosopher himself. Hope he is still doing well and sharing his infinite wisdom, wherever he is now.