Old Laptop

So I have this twelve-year-old laptop that has started to get hot after a few hours of use. My guess is it is on its way out now, so I don't want to spend any money on keeping it alive, like buying a cooling pad etc.

What I do right now is to use it for the few hours, and when it starts to heat up I turn it off. Then start it back up after a while.

I am wondering if that routine of shut down-start up may be too taxing on the poor old guy. Does anyone know if it's better to just keep it running instead of repeated on-off cycles? It's a Linux laptop, incidentally.

All help and input much appreciated!

Have you tried opening it up and cleaning it?
I've revived a few "hot" laptops by simply cleaning them up.

Second that! Dust is the enemy of anything air-cooled. I've seen significant improvements after cleaning out minitower PCs, and that has way more open vent area than a laptop. (Astounding how much crap can be packed in there.)

Buy a Air Can. Get rid of all dust. I bet that fan is extra dirty

All good advice.

I second the you won't believe how much dirt you'll find sentiment. Every time I deal with an air system (from motors to refrigeration a/c etc.) I always marvel at how our lungs deal with a lifetime of this crap.

Can of air, yes, add a few soft bristle brushes, a soft old tooth brush might do but something longer bristled might be handy, an artists painting brush is good if you have one around.

Can anecdotally confirm a good dusting can breathe new life into an old laptop. That and an SSD, but you said you didn't want to spend any money.

An air can or compressed air duster like this one works wonders: https://www.amazon.com/SIN-SHINE-Compressed-Electric-AD01-White/dp/B083LNBMJ6

I know $50 sounds like a lot for an air duster when the cans are cheap, but I've not bought a can in years, and don't have to deal with the bitterant agent leaking or the can getting cold. Worth it.

I have to admit that looks much more powerful then a $5 can of air

Great idea