Offer letter to cellnuvo

I, hungryhog, a cellnuvo customer, for $30 (us dollar) in cash, and upon receipt of the payment, will surrender the 300 golds in my accounts to cellnuvo and release cellnuvo from all liabilities associated with said 300 golds. Cellnuvo shall be responsible to all fees incurred by this discounted redemption including but not limited to sale taxes, transaction charges, and regulatory fees. Cellnuvo shall hold hungryhog harmless in connection with this discounted redemption, and shall reimburse hungryhog the legal cost arising from this discounted redemption including but not limited to attorney's fees, filing fees, witness cost, and all other reasonable costs justifiable. This contract becomes effective immediately upon receipt of said payment by hungryhog.

Kale offered you $35.

Accept his offer and move on.

Stop expecting anything from cellnuvo.

Where is the money?

LOL when JTS tells you to move on. You should listen.

Say yes to his offer in the other thread and then work out the transaction details through pm with him.


Excellent. Now send him a pm.

He is entitled to vent as much as he wants. But he needed to take care of business, which he has now started the process of doing.

He already moved onto tello and freedompop a while back and now he's moved onto not expecting anything from cellnuvo.

That all makes him a winner in my book.

I'm surprised you didn't buy up his gold before Kale. You could have had $300+ to spend at Amazon for less than the $35 Kale is paying.

There are people who are dumb and there are people who play dumb, and it is hard to tell the difference from a long distance.

Sounds like an official letter hungry-hog. Or is your official name hungryhog without the dash? Get it right to match your name or it won't go thru im sure. I'm part time lawyer

Have you actually sent this to cellnuvo?

40 minutes does seem like a long wait. Remind us how quickly cellnuvo respond after the automated "we're on it". :lol:

But yes, he should respond in a reasonable time and you should be satisfied with everything before sending funds.

I'm going to offer everyone here $2 for each of their golds. I will also take care of all of the associated fees when I make the payment directly to you through PayPal. Yes, that PayPal. I will make this plan available to each and every one of you. Soon.

I am a part time gold user