Number Match Point Crediting - Figured Out?

So, after some trial and error, I have come to the conclusion that we are being credited per ad seen a set point value (regardless of matching a number or not).

Now, the app does not refresh this unless you match one of the numbers, exit and enter the app again (how this behavior was confirmed), when you swipe left and go through an ad, or the match all pot is taken which causes and automatic refresh (making it looks like what I thought was perhaps a participation bonus).

Now, some ads are worth less than one point which explains why in some cases no crediting took place on consecutive number matches (app just shows whole numbers) or why no refresh takes place if you get one of those ads and exit the app to have it refresh (when testing).

I have been able to replicate the findings on all of our accounts (swipe a few ads, not get a number match, exit the app, and enter again to see the points update / refresh).

In conclusion, there does not seem to be a benefit to number matching (so far have not seen an actual bonus) other than having the app refresh the total points earned for the ads viewed prior to the number match. This would explain why the "+x points" indicator was removed (that perhaps updated the score on each refresh).

Seems to me that the goal was to make us think that there was in fact a bonus being paid out when we matched a number when the reality is that the account is refreshing when the number match takes place. Also, this would hide the fact that some ads are worth less than 1 point which most of us would have an issue with due to ROI.

This would explain why the match all pots have been very low, since those "grow" based on the point value of the ads (most ads are 1 or less points).

Now, all that is left is seeing if you guys can replicate this behavior. If confirmed, this would certainly be a disappointment, as they broke something good and working for something to trick people into believing that there was something new being added / gained (a point match bonus).

Another way to see this is to see your account information page. It seems to always be up to date.

Here is an example. Swiped to get an ad and got no match. Then went to the account page and it showed 502 points vs the 501. Exited the app and accessed it again, and 502 points displayed.

There is a benefit if you win the match-all-pot, although it is much smaller in size now. I suspect a lot of us knew the ads were paying out sub point values. Many of mine were 1/3 of a point.

Right, the match all pot is certainly the benefit. We had that before. I mean, I hit one that was 4k once! Now I am hoping they make it to the 100's.

I found it (had print screen it).

Very good detective work. I confirm what you are seeing.

That was indeed a good win.

Thanks for this info. I can confirm it updates when the main screen does not. The match-all-pot total seems to update even without a match.