Nth circle superbowl

Please thank the most helpful posters here by nominating them for the nth circle superbowl team.
Please post a brief description of why nominated, and what position they should play on the nth circle superbowl team.
I'll start with:
Hungry ghost. Team owner, who makes all this possible.:slight_smile:
betting odds welcome.

I'll say KentE, quarterback, for being the steady hand during emotionally charged situations and helping to move the team down the field in a constructive and productive manner.

lexusl21 and Hungry-Hog .
Nominated for exceptional prowess at their respective positions, indefatigable, efforts, and indomitable spirit, on behalf of their respective teams.

Oldbooks1 for Defensive Coordinator Emeritus***. Although it has been quite a while since his last post, his comments had a lasting and positive effect on all who read them. (I picked Defensive Coordinator because his comments were never offensive.)

***Feel free to come up with a better title and/or playing position on the roster -- the above was the best I could do!